Newsletter | January 6, 2021

01.06.21 -- X4 Pharma Adjusts Clinical Trials For A COVID-19 World

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What Oncology Studies Should Look For In EDC

Adaptive studies, basket studies, umbrella studies — oncology study designs are increasingly complicated, and the trend will continue. Explore common challenges when building databases for oncology studies and how modern electronic data capture (EDC) can address them.

How Natural Language Processing Unlocks The Full Healthcare And Patient Journey

Massive quantities of data do not automatically equate to having meaningful answers — especially when considering the length and complexity of medical records. With biomedical natural language processing we can get to a higher level of detail about a patient’s medical journey.

5 Essential Steps To Remote Site Access

Sites, sponsors, and CROs now perform the bulk of their clinical trial operations by logging into cloud-based systems. As you evolve your monitoring and site management strategy to a remote approach, we are providing you with the five essential considerations to focus on to ensure site acceptance, site adoption, and a successful implementation of your remote strategy.

COVID-19 And Clinical Trials: The Medidata Perspective Release 8.0

Medidata is continuously monitoring the global impact of COVID-19 on clinical trials. In this paper, see the impact of COVID-19 on patients and trials, read about the regulatory response, and learn about solutions available to assist sponsors/partners, patients, and trials.

Clinical Relevance Of Measuring Respiratory Rate

This paper outlines the importance of measuring respiratory rate and explains how respiratory rate is assessed from photoplethysmography. New technology now enables a wrist-worn wearable device that measures and provides respiratory endpoints including respiratory rate and resting respiratory rate.

Depot-To-Patient Service Overview

This infographic provides an overview of Fisher Clinical’s depot-to-patient solution to support decentralized clinical trials in the U.S.

Jump In, Be Brave, Have The Conversation: Reducing Health Disparities Among Minority Patients

For racial and ethnic minorities in the United States, health disparities take on many forms, including higher rates of chronic disease and premature death. The COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted, and, in many cases, widened, the gap in both health outcomes and access to quality care, unmasking long-standing inequities that pervade the healthcare system and society at large.

Supply Chain Models For Global Trials: Singapore As The APAC Gateway To The World

With an increasing number of clinical studies being conducted in the Asia-Pacific (APAC) region, there is a growing need for streamlining import and export strategies and clinical supply support. Watch this webinar to get expert insight on using Singapore as a clinical supply hub.

End-To-End Workflow: From Budget Creation To Payment Execution

Join Greenphire's Catherine Click, director, clinical pricing and analysis, and Kyle Cunningham, chief product officer, as they discuss the four key budgeting challenges sponsors and CROS face that can hinder global study success.

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