Ciox, a health technology company, is dedicated to improving U.S. health outcomes by transforming clinical data into actionable insights. With an unmatched network offering ubiquitous access, Ciox can release, acquire, enhance and deliver medical record and discrete clinical data from anywhere across the United States.


Ciox HealthSource Clarity Ciox HealthSource Clarity

Clarity is designed for drug and medical device clinical researchers utilizing the latest in Artificial Intelligence to ensure medical records are securely obtained, authenticated and delivered to requestors with the most efficient process possible. Developed in collaboration with Health Information Management, Clarity ensures that the release of protected health information is preformed accurately, securely and with an understanding that each record represents a real person.

Ciox HealthSource Vault Ciox HealthSource Vault

Vault is designed for life sciences organizations that require ubiquitous access to clinical data. Vault leverages the Artificial Intelligence tools across the HealthSource platform as well as a HiTrust data storage environment to create a unified member-centric data repository. Vault creates a unified patient and provider centric data repository. Together with Smart Chart, these products drive more powerful clinical outcome-based models.

Ciox HealthSource Smart Chart Ciox HealthSource Smart Chart

Smart Chart is designed for life sciences companies that require clinical data for improved decision making. Smart Chart quickly identifies and extracts heath data from structured and unstructured medical records and supplemental data feeds to aggregate a patient’s medical history into a longitudinal digital profile.

Ciox HealthSource Gym Ciox HealthSource Gym

Gym is a comprehensive education solution designed to assess, train and develop medical coders through a robust, engaging learning environment. From screening and baseline assessments of new coders to more advanced modules for coder skills development, cross training, and continuing education, Gym provides data-rich training and practice scenarios with immediate feedback. Gym offers a hands-on learning approach for coders of all skill levels and helps providers optimize coding performance.


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