OCT is one of the leading contract research organizations in Europe. Since 2005, the OCT team has conducted over 300 clinical trials in 29 therapeutic areas. The team of 200+ professionals provides a full range of high-quality CRO services for Phase I-IV and BE studies, with therapeutic expertise in oncology, cardiovascular, infectious diseases, rheumatology, GI, and other areas.

With strong local expertise and focus on quality, OCT Clinical ensures seamless clinical trial conduct and drug registration, on time and within budget.

Only target clinical trial participants

Since its foundation, OCT has successfully enrolled over 50,000 patients while preserving budgets and timelines.

With 20+ years of accumulated experience, our team has established efficient cooperation with 1600 research sites. Thorough feasibility analysis, coupled with well-coordinated communication with sites, allows us to recruit with minimal screen failure rates.

Full-service clinical study engagements

  • Clinical Study Design Preparation
  • Medical Writing
  • Consulting and Regulatory Support
  • Project Management and Monitoring
  • Drug Safety and Pharmacovigilance
  • Data Management
  • Biostatistics
  • Clinical Supply Services and Logistics
  • Marketing Authorization
  • GMP Inspection Support

Rescue studies as a special expertise

Another specialty area for the OCT team is rescue studies. When clinical trials hit roadblocks, the team is ready to step in. When a takeover of an active trial is needed, the OCT Clinical experts create a study rescue plan focused on resolving current bottlenecks and study challenges and an expedited study schedule to get it back on track.


Every pharmaceutical company conducts a clinical trial before introducing a new medicine to the market. Learn how to meet clinical trial deadlines and stay within budget using an effective data management platform.

This webinar explains how to create and manage successful budgets, uncover and avoid hidden costs, and minimize the pandemic’s financial impact.

Discover how to assemble analysis data, and learn more about the basics of ADaM standards and details of the standard structures for analysis datasets.

Discover how the new framework will improve the way of designing and planning clinical trials and performing primary analyses and sensitivity analyses.

Are your pharma clinical trials running over budget? What expenses can you cut without compromising quality? This free webinar will cover reasons trial spending might exceed proposed costs and how to navigate shifting study needs while maintaining a budget.


OCT Clinical

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