ClinicalTrials.gov: To Get Better Results, Talk To The Real Audience
ClinicalTrials.gov: To Get Better Results, Talk To The Real Audience

While controversy continues to simmer over who is accountable for posting results on ClinicalTrials.gov, perhaps the “results debate” masks the more challenging problem: ClinicalTrials.gov is not working for its intended audience.

  • FDA Issues Draft Guidance On Blood Pressure (BP) Response In Clinical Trials
    FDA Issues Draft Guidance On Blood Pressure (BP) Response In Clinical Trials

    Familiarize yourself with the new FDA draft guidance on blood pressure response which carries important implications for drug developers.

  • The Benefits Of Real-World Evidence (RWE) For Biosimilars And Special Populations
    The Benefits Of Real-World Evidence (RWE) For Biosimilars And Special Populations

    While RWE can serve as a key complement to clinical studies in the development of a wide range of therapies, there are specific instances for which RWE is particularly beneficial and indeed the only available evidence to support regulatory approval. RWE has the potential to spur the uptake of biosimilars in the U.S. market and to provide information on a drug’s efficacy and safety in special populations that may otherwise be excluded from clinical trial studies.

  • FDA’s Gottlieb Addresses Effort to Advance New Innovations
    FDA’s Gottlieb Addresses Effort to Advance New Innovations

    In a nearly 3,700 word missive by Scott Gottlieb, posted on August 29, 2018, the FDA commissioner attempts to bring some clarity to efforts by the agency to bring more innovation into the drug development process. Gottlieb notes innovative new technology platforms, such as digital health, targeted medicines, and regenerative medicine, including cell and gene therapies products, are helping the industry advance drug development.

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Clinical Operations Clinical Operations

Clinical operations are a critical component in all studies. SynteractHCR’s highly skilled staff is well-versed in clinical trial operations including implementing, monitoring and managing the clinical components of a study. From start-up to close-out, experienced clinical managers and clinical research associates (CRAs) oversee each study’s clinical processes to ensure proper planning, conduct, patient safety, and data quality, while fostering good communication between study sites and sponsor.

Data Management Data Management

With more than two decades of experience providing customized data management services for clinical trials to our clients, SynteractHCR is a contract research organization that has developed a reputation for high quality, cost effective solutions to fit your unique project needs. We know the importance of accurate, timely data management for clinical trials, and that’s why we have implemented the right combination of technologies with the care and insight of experienced personnel. Our clinical data managers have medical and life science backgrounds and as well as specialized programming experience. 

IVRS/IWRS Services IVRS/IWRS Services

SynteractHCR offers full-featured global Interactive Voice and Web Response Systems for your clinical trial operations, through our validated 21 CRF Part 11 compliant proprietary system. Once implemented, the system is available 24/7 for use by sites, study participants and project team members. Transactions are recorded into a study-specific database, and information can be exported into custom reports. Live technical support is available to sites and study participants via phone, email or web access. SynteractHCR has successfully implemented IWRS in 30 countries and has the capability to translate 26 different languages.

Medical & Regulatory Affairs Medical & Regulatory Affairs

Taking new products successfully through clinical development, submission and approval can be a difficult, expensive and lengthy process. SynteractHCR’s medical regulatory affairs group offers a wide range of services that spans the full range of product development, including training, performed by senior regulatory professionals with experience in pharmaceutical, diagnostic, device and biotechnology industries. Our medical regulatory affairs team is here to deliver on aggressive timelines and control costs, while ensuring compliance and patient safety.

Medical Writing Medical Writing

As an international, full-service clinical contract research organization, SynteractHCR strives to deliver actionable results for your clinical trial needs. Our medical writing group consists of qualified Ph.D., M.D., and other experts, and our European medical writers are all members of the European Medical Writers Association. Our translation team consists of native speakers with many years of experience in translating all documents necessary for the performance of clinical studies. Our medical writers are committed to delivering a well-designed clinical program that will meet your study’s ultimate goals.

Biostatistical Services Biostatistical Services

Delivering high-quality and accurate data analysis, SynteractHCR is a contract research organization that provides robust and customized biostatistical services tailored to your study’s needs. At SynteractHCR, we believe that a statistician is a vital component in the clinical development process. Working as your partner, SynteractHCR’s expert biostatisticians will review your study’s needs and determine the best methods for collecting, analyzing and presenting your data, all in compliance with regulatory guidelines. Our team is trained to provide creative thinking and analysis optimized for your unique study designs. We provide access to your data in a format well-suited to your project requirements.

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