Project Management White Papers & Case Studies

  1. SynteractHCR Full-Service CRO Brochure

    SynteractHCR is a multinational clinical research organization, formed from the merger of Synteract with Harrison Clinical Research in 2013, which provides global, full-service clinical trial services. We have more than two decades of experience supporting biopharma companies in all phases of clinical development across multiple therapeutic areas. We customize programs that will deliver timely, high quality data to help you get to decision points faster, taking time and cost out of drug development.

  2. 10 Insider Tips For eCOA Implementation

    If your organization has yet to adopt the use of eCOA (electronic clinical outcome assessments) in your clinical trials, then this white paper on successfully implementing the use of this technology should be of interest to you.

  3. CROs And The Clinical Supply Chain – It’s Not Just A Label On A Box

    Typically Clinical Research Organizations (CROs) involvement in the clinical trial process has centered on site management in terms of identifying potential sites and managing patient recruitment. They also offer services related to activities such as protocol development, data management, laboratory services, and toxicology analysis amongst others. Managing clinical supplies has always been seen as a backroom activity, one which sponsors tended to keep a firm hold on, perhaps highlighting their importance to the sponsor in terms of meeting First Patient In (FPI) deadlines.

  4. Accelerate Your Clinical Testing: Unique Insights, Globally Consistency, On-time Data Delivery

    Reveal new opportunities and insights by partnering with our team of dedicated scientists and operational experts. Covance accelerates your clinical testing through unique insights, globally consistent processes and a commitment to on-time data delivery.

  5. Transformative Technology For Oncology Drug Development

    Oncology is the number one focus of global drug development, accounting for $65 billion in sales worldwide in 2013 and projected to grow 50 percent in the next five years.1 New treatments, new diagnostics and new medical protocols are beginning to unravel some of the scientific basis and pathways of this disease, with measurable impacts on disease progression and quality of life of survivors.

  6. Optimizing Cardiovascular Clinical Trials With Technology

    The extraordinary advances in cardiovascular medicine over the past decades have extended and improved countless lives. Drugs for heart-related disease make up one of the biggest selling areas, with hypertension medications alone expected to reach over $24 billion in global sales in 2015. Real successes in reducing the death rate from myocardial infarction and controlling blood pressure and cholesterol are some of the true successes of modern medicine.

  7. Transforming Clinical Development: Clinical Cloud™

    Medidata is committed to enhancing and streamlining clinical trials from start to finish—beginning with the trial concept and protocol design to conclusion with actionable data.

  8. Quality Data Rescue Of A Global Clinical Trial For A Multiple Sclerosis Drug

    A pharmaceutical company engaged Covance to rescue a global clinical trial for a multiple sclerosis drug.

  9. European Reimbursement And Market Access Assessment For Medical Devices

    Covance was approached by a US manufacturer of bone growth stimulation devices that were investigating launch strategies of its products across Europe.

  10. Specimen Preservation Rescue For Pivotal Diabetes Drug

    A pharmaceutical company engaged Covance to rescue a large global clinical trial for a pivotal diabetes drug.