Will Disruptive Innovations Enhance Patient Outcomes?
Will Disruptive Innovations Enhance Patient Outcomes?

Disruptive innovation is a hot topic in clinical trials. So is patient centricity. While some innovations will help sponsors more effectively manage the drug development process, some are also poised to have a significant impact on patients taking part in studies. In this Q&A article, Melva Covington of Sanofi and Ross Weaver of Clinical SCORE discuss innovation, FDA mandates, and industry efforts to get patients more involved in clinical trials.   

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  • Technology Services
    Technology Services Rho utilizes a combination of proprietary applications and partnerships with third-party providers to offer our clients technology solutions that meet our high standards of quality.
  • Medidata RBM
    Medidata RBM

    Medidata RBM is Medidata’s risk-based monitoring application (RBM) that allows you to design and conduct any RBM program.

    • Configurable. Efficiently and compliantly reduce the amount of source document verification (SDV) conducted to any level you decide.  Medidata RBM applies cloud technology and strategic consulting services to ensure study-, site- and patient-level risks are assessed upfront and monitored centrally so issues that arise during the study are easily detected.
    • Integrated EDC. Configurable integration with Medidata’s EDC system eliminates the need for engineering or technical expertise.
    • Agile. Configured for your study’s specific data and risks, so you can select key risk indicators (KRIs) that are right for your study and use thresholds that adjust automatically as the study is ongoing.
  • Bio-STAR Technology: Clinical Trial Logistics Management
    Bio-STAR Technology: Clinical Trial Logistics Management

    World Courier pioneered the development of an advanced technology to streamline the management of clinical trial logistics. Unparalleled within the industry, World Courier’s cutting edge technological innovations provide you with logistical tools to effectively manage your study – from the pre-trial phase right through to your last shipment.

  • Cardiovascular Clinical Trials
    Cardiovascular Clinical Trials

    Because cardiovascular diseases claim millions of lives around the world each year, new and innovative therapies are in high demand. inVentiv Health Clinical’s dedicated cardiovascular team offers expertise in all stages of clinical program design, development, and efficient execution.

  • Bioanalytical Development Services
    Bioanalytical Development Services

    Full capability is the approach inVentiv Health takes to bioanalytical development regardless of your project size. Through our GLP-compliant laboratories, an extensive list of validated assays, custom assay services, knowledgeable scientists, and skilled technicians, inVentiv Health Clinical provides bioanalytical services in all stages of drug development.

  • Product Safety And Pharmacovigilance
    Product Safety And Pharmacovigilance Product Safety is an integral member of Rho's core project team. Throughout the life cycle of the program, Product Safety ensures global safety reporting timelines are met, supports and educates site staff, and provides a safety profile through management and analysis of the safety data.
  • TrialMax Web™ eCOA (Electronic Clinical Outcomes Assessments)
    TrialMax Web™ eCOA (Electronic Clinical Outcomes Assessments)

    TrialMax Web™ is a web-based diary specifically designed for late phase trials, which tend to be larger and longer in duration.

  • Clinical Trial Cold Chain Logistics
    Clinical Trial Cold Chain Logistics

    World Courier is the largest, most successful specialty courier company in the world. Each dot represents one of over 140 company owned offices, nearly ten times the number of offices of all other specialty courier services combined!

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  • Innovative Mobile Technologies For Clinical Trials And CRA Monitoring

    Learn about mobile innovation for virtual, hybrid, and site-based clinical trials using the Clinical Reach™ mClinical™ platform for patient enrollment, engagement, and management on a global scale. Followed by an in-depth Q&A session and Parallel 6 Chief Medical Officer, Brad Pruitt, M.D., MBA, who demonstrates the newly released mobile data monitoring solution which is designed to empower clinical research associates (CRAs). 

  • The Importance Of Engaging A Patient’s Support System During A Clinical Trial

    Learn how innovative mobile technology helps clinical trial participants stay engaged and compliant through the empowerment of the patient’s loved ones. Speaker, Stephen J. Freedland, M.D. (Urologist at Cedars Sinai DEPT of Surgery), presents a compelling case discussion on the importance of patient compliance and market approval, followed by Chief Medical Officer of Parallel 6, Brad Pruitt, M.D., MBA, who demonstrates the new Clinical Reach™ companion app followed by an in-depth Q&A session covering clinical use and various trial applications.

  • eCOA And Equivalence Testing: New Evidence From Meta-Analysis

    The evaluation of the compatibility between scores from an electronic version of a paper-based questionnaire, better known as equivalence testing, is usually taken as a requirement for ensuring that data from electronic versions of patient reported outcomes does not vary from that captured on paper. This webinar discusses the results of a recently published meta-analysis which examined all published equivalence tests from 2007 to 2013. This webinar discusses equivalence testing, how the current meta-analysis run, and what the results mean in context of the field of eCOA.

  • Using ePRO With Smart Devices

    Interest in using electronic patient reported outcomes (ePRO) on smart devices is on the rise. In this webinar, Emily Cantrell and Becky Baggett will share lessons learned working on a large phase 3 pain study that utilizes ePRO on tablet devices.

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