Lauren Alves, Sr. Clinical Trial Manager
Alnylam Pharmaceuticals
Debora Araujo Associate Director,
Site Budgets and Payments
Boehringer Ingelheim Pharmaceutical, Inc.
Michelle Berg, VP, Patient Affairs and Community Engagement
Abeona Therapeutics
Suzanne Besaw, U.S. Clinical Site Management
George Betts, Head of Medical Affairs
Planning & Operations
Regeneron Pharmaceuticals
Al Chester, Director, Clinical Quality & Compliance
Karen Correa, Sr. Director, Clinical Operations
Adare Pharmaceuticals
Peter Covitz, Sr. Director, Global Medical Research Operations
Andrew Dahlem, President
Dr. Dahlem Consulting, LLC
William Daley, VP Cardiovascular Thrombosis
Sanofi Aventis
Dennis Earle, Director, Oncology Clinical Development
Bristol-Myers Squibb
Greg Fiore, President & CEO
Sollis Therapeutics
Leesa Gentry, Director, Otsuka Novel Products
Otsuka America Pharmaceutical
James Gillespie, Chair of Advisory Board
Distal, Inc.
John Hall, Director, Clinical Operations
Noveome Biotherapeutics
Beth Harper, Workforce Innovation Officer
Association of Clinical Research Professionals, Inc.
Beverly Harrison, Sr. Director, Patient Support
Janssen Research & Development
Michael Harte, President
Harte Group
Lan Huang, CEO & Co-founder
BeyondSpring Pharmaceuticals
Julian Jenkins, Medicine Development Leader
Bari Kowal, VP, Global Head of Clinical Project Management & Operations
Regeneron Pharmaceuticals
Jim Kremidas, Executive Director
Association of Clinical Research Professionals, Inc.
Patricia Leuchten, Founder and CEO
The Avoca Group
Lynn Mason, VP, Clinical Operations
Brooklyn ImmunoTherapeutics
Michael McKay, Global Trial Leader
Janssen Pharmaceuticals
Carrie Melvin, VP, Head of Clinical Operations
Dan Milam, VP, Global Engagement
Stephanie Petrone, Consultant
Navigate Clinical
Charles Romano, VP, Global Clinical Operations
Peachtree Bioresearch Solutions
Gur Roshwalb, CEO
Zywie Bio
Roslyn Schneider, Global Patient Affairs Lead
Pfizer Medical
Sameer Tandon, Head, Strategic Alliances & Customer Transactions
Anne White, VP, Oncology
Eli Lilly & Company
Craig Wozniak, VP, Head Trial Coordination & Site Management Americas
Janssen Research & Development
Michael W. Young, Principal
biomedwoRx: Life Sciences Consulting
Thomas Zindrick, President & CEO
Genelux Corporation


Theresa Devins, Sr. Associate Director
Boehringer Ingelheim
Elise Felicione, Sr. Director, R&D Operations Innovation
Janssen Pharmaceutical Companies
David Kim, VP Business Development & Executive Consultant
Ceritas Solutions
Katie Mazuk, Sr. Director, Global Head Investigator & Patient Engagement
Johnson & Johnson
Molly Rosano, VP, Clinical Operations
Ultragenyx Pharmaceutical
Anita Treohan, Director, Program Management & Clinical Operations
Michael W. Young, Principal
biomedwoRx: Life Sciences Consulting

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