• Speed, Cost, Or Quality In Clinical Trials &mdash; <i><u>Don't</u></i> Pick Two
    Speed, Cost, Or Quality In Clinical Trials — Don't Pick Two

    Many of you have no doubt heard someone in your current or past organization say, “Quality, cost, and speed — pick two.” This statement refers to the perception that a project cannot achieve all three areas as priorities and therefore the organization must choose which two out of the three to prioritize.

  • Counterfeit Degrees, Diploma Mills, & Their Impact On The Clinical Trials Enterprise
    Counterfeit Degrees, Diploma Mills, & Their Impact On The Clinical Trials Enterprise

    Recently a clinical research associate (CRA) candidate I’ll call Evan approached our firm for assistance in finding a new assignment. His resume was impressive, representing strong foundations as a study coordinator with over 10 years of experience as a CRA for highly reputable CROs.

  • How To Effectively Work Across Cultures In Global Clinical Trials
    How To Effectively Work Across Cultures In Global Clinical Trials

    Most of us have spoken to someone and struggled to understand an accent or word choice. Even within a country like the United States, different regions can have unique language, which can be confusing to an outsider. It can be as subtle as the difference between “soda” in the East and “pop” in the Midwest. But what happens when you try to coordinate complex projects across countries and regions? How do you work successfully, accounting for the differences in culture and honoring common objectives?

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