Featured Products

  1. Site and Patient Solutions

    ICON's proven site and patient recruitment paradigm bridges the gap between patients and clinical research sites.

  2. Arcos™ Block Management System

    Minimize errors, increase productivity and keep your laboratory’s resources focused on what matters most—positive patient outcomes—with the Thermo Scientific™ Arcos™ Block Management System.

  3. DIA Project Management Learning Solutions

    DIA Learning offers a complete menu of solutions delivered in a variety of formats to meet your professional development needs.

  4. Mobile eClinical Software: mSource

    mSource is Medrio's mobile eSource application that includes mPRO, mCapture, and mConsent. All products are native applications and are designed for use in early phase and Phase I research.

  5. Trial Management

    Oracle Health Sciences Trial Management and Monitoring Cloud Service is an integrated, purpose-built trial planning and management solution for today’s complex trial environment.

  6. YPrime IRT+

    YPrime’s IRT+ goes beyond traditional IRT capabilities of patient randomization and drug supply management with control and a real-time view into critical functions and flows of a clinical trial - involving patient interactions, site activities and clinical supply management.

  7. Ciox HealthSource Vault

    Vault is designed for life sciences organizations that require ubiquitous access to clinical data. Vault leverages the Artificial Intelligence tools across the HealthSource platform as well as a HiTrust data storage environment to create a unified member-centric data repository. Vault creates a unified patient and provider centric data repository. Together with Smart Chart, these products drive more powerful clinical outcome-based models.

  8. End-To-End Oncology Development

    Pioneers developing the latest targeted therapies turn here for innovation and expertise. We’ve conducted over 155 trials across numerous indications in the past five years.

  9. Market Research Report: Best Practices In Study Feasibility

    This market research report has been designed to help its readers navigate the medical, clinical, logistical, and regulatory challenges associated with establishing the feasibility of a clinical trial. Stakeholders from sponsor organizations, CROs, and clinical trial sites were surveyed on their top techniques and innovations used when conducting a feasibility analysis, their awareness of feasibility analysis service providers and the frequency of their use, what percentage of clinical trials require feasibility analysis, if said analysis is typically done in-house or outsourced, and the data sources utilized and a ranking of which data sources contribute to the accuracy of the estimate.

  10. Central Laboratory Solutions

    Remember the time when laboratory kits were ordered and reordered by sites faxing in pieces of paper, and laboratory reports were faxed and express mailed to investigative sites around the world? Sadly that time is still here for many central laboratory providers.