In the complex world of clinical trials, where precision, efficiency, and accuracy are paramount, the role of technology cannot be overstated. However, selecting the right supplier is a pivotal decision that wields substantial influence over patient safety, data integrity, and site compliance. The Clinical Leader Solutions Expo is designed with the purpose of aiding clinical research experts in crucial decision-making processes.

This digital event is free for Clinical Leader subscribers and offers an alternative to in-person events which can be costly, ineffective, and time-consuming. Through this virtual platform, professionals can effortlessly connect with a range of suppliers, making the selection process more accessible and informed.

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  • Innovations In IRT

    Review the latest innovative techniques employed by IQVIA IRT, including innovations in the design, delivery, conduct and monitoring of clinical trials.

  • Rave RTSM: IRT Expo

    Get an inside look at this RTSM solution, a full-service and unique platform-based approach to interactive response technology.

  • Bringing RTSM In From The Cold

    Watch James Stringer's presentation from the October 2023 Clinical Leader Solutions Expo: IRT Showcase to learn how site burden can be reduced by having more consolidated platforms.

  • Re-Imagining IRT For Modern Clinical Development

    Get acquainted with IRT in areas such as no-code study deployment, automated excursion reviews, rapid prototyping, A.I.-enabled datasets, reduced (or removed) need for change orders, and the ability to adapt to unforeseen challenges.