Newsletter | February 21, 2023

02.21.23 -- How Sponsors Can Accelerate Study Startup, Monitoring And Feasibility

Harmonizing Site And Sponsor Platforms To Accelerate Study Startup And Monitoring

Now more than ever, clinical trial stakeholders need harmony among their disparate systems — and that starts with the right organizational mindset: a culture of connectivity. Learn how pharma companies, sites, and technology providers can ensure that the whole ecosystem works in unison by standardizing their approach to program management, governance, and contracting, and start to enable clinical operations transformation.

Streamlined Clinical Trial Feasibility: The Key That Unlocks The Site-Sponsor Relationship

Feasibility — determining how well-suited a site is to a clinical trial — is a critical component of the clinical trial life cycle. However, the feasibility process is often disjointed, leading to duplicate work and lengthy cycle times. Sponsor organizations can remedy this with an approach focused on automation and standardization. Find out how feasibility can be streamlined through better data management and how to get started with three steps that can reduce the time and cost of creating a more efficient site feasibility process.

Roche Cuts Feasibility Process By 36%

Discover how Roche improved its clinical trial feasibility process after implementing Cognizant’s Shared Investigator Platform. Roche achieved significant benefits, including streamlining feasibility questionnaires to let principal investigators spend more time addressing critical, study-specific topics and decreasing average feasibility questionnaire completion time by 36%.

Operational Innovations That Enhance Site-Sponsor Collaboration

Industry leaders from Roche, Memorial Sloan Kettering, SCRS, and Cognizant discuss the challenges of conducting a clinical trial and the complex relationship between sites and sponsors. Learn how to overcome obstacles to collaboration that, when left unaddressed, lead to site selection and patient enrollment issues for sponsors and operational challenges for sites.

Are We Ready For A Unified Clinical Platform?

Are market forces finally aligned to deliver a unified clinical platform? Industry experts from Eli Lilly and Company and Cognizant share their perspectives on the process and building blocks of end-to-end clinical development, the essential elements of a unified clinical platform, and the benefits and challenges involved in realizing the vision of a unified clinical platform.

Cognizant® SIP: Transform Clinical Trials: Efficient, Collaborative, Virtual

Cognizant SIP provides a single point of access and harmonizes the management of key components of clinical trials across stakeholders so the trial process can be streamlined and decentralized, improving the experience for investigators.

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