• Continuing Clinical Research Innovations After COVID-19

    The COVID-19 pandemic has made the benefits of decentralized or hybrid trial models even more obvious, and as travel restrictions, social distancing and the overall strain on the healthcare system became more evident, the FDA updated regulations to fast-track research, openly recognizing the value of alternative technology such as virtual trial capabilities in clinical research. This webinar will explore how COVID-19 pushed the industry to adapt to tech-enabled solutions for patients and sponsors.

  • Normal Volunteers, Patients, Or Hybrids? Should We Build The Bridge Slowly To Cross It Quickly?

    This on-demand webinar features Dr. Michael Murphy & Sherilyn Adcock as they cover their talk that would have been presented at WODC (World Orphan Drug Congress) US in early 2020.

  • Master Protocols And The New FDA Guidance

    In September of 2018, FDA released a new FDA guidance on master protocols. So, what are master protocols, how can they benefit sponsors and patients, and what are the challenges?

  • CRO Clears Path For Success For Rosacea Trial With Enrollment Hurdles

    Two large, parallel trials were being conducted with 107 sites spread across the United States for a topical drug to treat rosacea. They were challenged to come up with an advertising strategy to needed to attract more than 1,400 subjects fast enough to meet the aggressive schedule.


  • DIA NOW enables on-demand, curated access to actionable insights across DIA's global platforms.

  • Trialbee Candidate Manager is a software platform that offers patients a simple journey into the study, reduces site burden through highly-matched patient referrals, and empowers study teams to successfully manage enrollment performance.

  • Generate evidence and identify relevant data points from historical clinical trials that can serve as “ground truth” for regulatory submissions or for designing your clinical development programs.

  • New and more complex clinical studies help the industry accelerate development and approval of novel therapies to address unmet needs. Read how these new trial designs keep clinical supply and operations teams busier than ever managing multiple therapies across multiple indications, sometimes in partnership with multiple sponsors.

  • Pharmaceutical companies face continued pressure to develop and commercialize their medicines. PCI Clinical Services is committed to supporting clients at every stage of the clinical cycle, delivering best-in-class services efficiently and effectively.