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  • Oncology Trial Recruitment: Challenging Indications And Challenging Studies

    In this presentation, Medpace medical and operational experts discuss the trial design challenges for specific oncology populations and how to overcome them.

  • Pharmacoeconomic Assessment Through Market Approval And Beyond: Theory And Operations

    Pharmacoeconomic assessment of a drug, medical device, or other healthcare product can take on many forms and occur at multiple points in the development cycle. Cost-effectiveness analysis, a major component of pharmacoeconomic assessment, has traditionally occurred in the later phases of product development—either as a piggy-back to a phase III or pivotal clinical trial, or peri-authorization. Join Medpace experts as they explore the application of pharmacoeconomic assessment throughout all phases of clinical trials as well as in observational studies, including registries and other post-marketing data collection.

  • Planning And Executing A Clinical Study For An Orphan Indication

    Planning and executing a clinical study for an orphan indication presents a unique set of challenges and considerations. In this webinar, Michelle Petersen, Medpace Clinical Trial Manager discusses successful strategies and best practices for addressing some of these including: unique methods to site selection and feasibility, successful recruitment/retention approaches, overview of common study execution needs, and optimal training and monitoring strategies.

  • Precision Medicine: Opportunities And Challenges For Clinical Trials

    The momentum and muscle behind "finding the right drug for the right patient at the right dose" has further escalated with President Barack Obama’s announcement of a $215 million dollar Precision Medicine Initiative. In this webinar, Dr. Frank Smith will explore advances in precision medicine and how it is affecting clinical research. As a pediatric hematologist/oncologist, he will use his extensive clinical and research background as a backdrop for the discussion.

  • Getting Treatment Options To Rare Disease Patients Faster: Putting Patients First In Clinical Trials

    In this webinar, Medpace discusses how patient-focused clinical trial design and collaborative approaches to site enrollment can accelerate clinical research. This presentation features a doctor from Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center and a parent of a child with Duchenne muscular dystrophy.

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  • Connecting The Dots For Global Vaccine Clinical Research
    Connecting The Dots For Global Vaccine Clinical Research

    A hands-on approach provides significant advantages that can shorten drug development timelines and reduce development risk.

  • From Trial Design To CDISC Submission
    From Trial Design To CDISC Submission

    CRO manages multiple, complex statistical analysis deliverables for a program of studies, CDISC compliant outputs, and data pooling for NDA submission to the FDA with minimal sponsor oversight.

  • Adaptive Trial Design and Implementation
    Adaptive Trial Design and Implementation

    Cytel brings its expertise in adaptive designs to the design and implementation of the industry’s most innovative clinical trials. These highly flexible trials raise peculiar challenges for enrollment, data collection and regulatory submission. Why not have the industry leaders in adaptive design working on your adaptive trials?

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