• How Sponsors Can Achieve Operational Efficiency With RTSM

    Randomization & Trial Supply Management (RTSM) aims to alleviate these pain points by solving high-risk and high-cost trial needs through an intelligent approach to operational management. Due to the inherently changing nature of randomized trials, both adaptive designs and master protocols require a highly sophisticated RTSM solution to swiftly and efficiently introduce mid-study protocol adjustments. In this whitepaper, read about the benefits of incorporating a robust RTSM.

  • The Emergence Of Digital Therapeutics: Building A Future

    Over time, explore how the data collected by digital therapeutics has the potential to unlock predictive and diagnostic information that will enhance patient outcomes.

  • RTSM And EDC: The Unified Experience

    The familiar methodological framework that supports the planning, conduct and evaluation of clinical trials is changing—again. The best-in-breed products designed to perform a single function are being replaced by integrated product suites with intuitive, easy-to-follow instructions. These solutions aim to provide unified solutions with a single user interface that improves efficiency and quality at a lower overall cost.

  • Return Of Research Results To Study Participants

    Discover why empirical research into participant views and experiences has consistently shown participants' desire to learn the results of research to which they’ve contributed.

  • The Key To Increasing Diversity In Decentralized Trials

    Historically, decentralized clinical trials (DCTs) were heralded as the future of patient-centered research. But how can your organization “walk the walk” when it comes to increasing trial access to underserved populations and enrolling diverse participants?

  • Spotlight On PNH: The Evolution Of Research And Treatment

    Paroxysmal nocturnal hemoglobinuria (PNH) is defined as an acquired rare disease triggered by a rare mutation in bone marrow stem cells, with patients experiencing production of irregular blood cells. In terms of clinical studies, PNH’s uniqueness presents a number of operational challenges. In this article, Dr. Mehool Patel discusses innovations in the treatment of PNH, the diverse nature of this rare disease, as well as solutions for PNH clinical trial enrollment and availability.

  • Progress On Modern Approaches For Clinical Trial Design, Execution, And Wider Engagement

    As the clinical research ecosystem continues to expand and include the perspectives of research partners, stakeholders, and patients and caregivers, learn why collaboration and connection is essential to future clinical trial success and next-generation medicine.

  • Navigating The Complex Realities Of Biomarker Testing In Oncology

    Gain insight into the rapidly evolving biomarker landscape in oncology, from clinical development to regulatory uncertainties to commercial implications, in this white paper.

  • Global Advantage With Free Trade Zones In China

    Learn more about how free trade zones work, and explore a flexible and cost efficient way to supply clinical trials in China and around the globe.


  • Medidata Design Optimizer is a data- driven solution that streamlines study design, reducing inefficiencies and site/patient burden. It has unique benchmark data and analytics that ensures a lean and objective study that meets clinical and statistical outcomes while minimizing cost, complexity, and the site/patient burden.

  • Our experts in the design and conduct of first-in-human studies work closely with you to meet your objectives and milestones.

  • With over 40 clinical trials conducted in the area of ophthalmology, Altasciences combines depth of knowledge and expert capabilities to offer you a full range of early ophthalmic clinical development.

  • Medidata Risk Management supports the growing complexity of clinical trials by enabling proactive study design that includes defining and monitoring Quality Tolerance Limits (QTLs). Medidata supports you by designing quality into your clinical trials rather than a reactionary approach of monitoring quality in your trials.

  • Cell and gene therapy could be the one that changes everything. Learn how LabConnect is transforming central lab services and mastering every aspect of sample tracking, complex testing, logistics and data management.