• Real World Evidence Generation: The Value Of Cross-Sectional Studies, Medical Chart Reviews And Hybrid Designs
    Real World Evidence Generation: The Value Of Cross-Sectional Studies, Medical Chart Reviews And Hybrid Designs

    Cross-sectional studies (CSS) serve as an effective study design option to gather pertinent epidemiological data quickly to support drug development across the lifecycle. Here we explore how a hybrid MCR combined CSS can be an advantageous study design for real world evidence (RWE) generation, and how gaining a better understanding of the implementation of these designs can allow for better future planning, as well as to guide the development of the next generation of real world studies.

  • Curtain Call For The Second Annual Study Stakeholder Collaboration Workshop At DIA 2019

    That’s a wrap on our second DIA global annual meeting workshop, “Setting the Stage for Stakeholder Collaboration.” Everyones engagement turns an idea into real moment of reflection and learning for all. Read more about these collaboration scenerios and what was learned from them.

  • Data Standardization For Late Stage Development And Periapproval Studies

    Now more than ever, especially in rare disease populations, and as manufacturers look to add many different types of data from a variety of sources. Challenges exist when data with differing data elements from a number of sources (EDC, registries, claims, HCPs, pharmacy, lab, etc.) converge. Therefore, standardization of the data is paramount in generating evidence to benefit patients, especially rare disease patients, where population size is limited.

  • Emerging Pharmaco’s Dilemma: Make A Deal...Or Not?

    Take a closer look at funding strategies for companies launching products for the first time. Does partnering or "Going it Alone" make more sense for emerging companies? Read the findings of a 2006-2015 analysis, including implications for research companies, their potential large pharma commercialization partners, and venture capitalists.

  • Critical Milestones Achieved Ahead Of Schedule In Lung Cancer Study

    Learn how IQVIA Biotech helped a biotechnology company reach critical milestones as it prepared to launch an international Phase III clinical trial for its investigational ALK inhibitor in patients with non-small cell lung cancer.

  • Partnering Solutions For Emerging Biopharma: Alternative Outsourcing Strategies

    In an increasingly complex drug development and healthcare environment, it is extremely important for companies to be able to demonstrate value, even if their intention is to be acquired or to out-license their asset following proof-of-concept. Learn more about partnering solutions available to small and emerging biotech companies.

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  • How Advanced Therapies Are Changing The Landscape Of Rare Disease

    After years of innovative research, advanced therapies are dramatically changing the way patients are treated for a wide variety of diseases – particularly for patients with rare diseases and orphan indications. In this webinar join experts from Medpace’s medical, regulatory and operational team with hands-on experience in rare disease and ATMP development as they explore scientific advancements the regulatory landscape and lessons-learned and best practices for operationalizing rare disease clinical trials including identifying, enrolling and retaining patients, as well as special considerations for ATMPs.

  • Risk Evaluation And Mitigation Strategy (REMS) Overview

    UBC’s Natalie O’Donnell, Executive Director, SERRM, provides a Risk Evaluation and Mitigation Strategy (REMS) overview. Learn more about the importance in partnering with an experienced REMS team for your next study.

  • CAR T Cell Therapy And Other Technologies Emerging In Oncology Research

    Some unique CAR T cell therapies have already been approved by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and are the first steps toward further groundbreaking science. In this webinar, Emile Youssef, Premier Research’s Executive Medical Director, reviews the operational and clinical pathways that are helping to bring these technologies to patients.

  • Pregnancy Exposure Registry

    Dr. Annette Stemhagen, SVP & Chief Scientific Officer, speaks to Pregnancy Exposure Registries (PERs) and why partnering with an experienced team is so vital.

  • Overcoming Clinical Supply Chain Challenges In Investigator Initiated Studies

    Investigator Initiated Studies (IIS) offer pharmaceutical sponsor companies the benefit of increasing product knowledge and expanding the medical use of their drug. However, managing these studies presents unique clinical supply chain challenges and can become a very complex process. In this webinar, Almac’s clinical supply experts address these challenges and provide insight into how to best manage investigator initiated clinical studies.

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  • Expert Travel Solution For Clinical Trial Participants

    Getting participants to and from a research site can be burdensome for the site staff, study coordinators, participants, and their families and/or caregivers. Greenphire has designed the most comprehensive travel solution built to meet the retention goals of global clinical research.

  • Almac Adapt™ Just In Time Manufacturing Solution - Because Time Is Precious

    Almac Adapt is a Just In Time Manufacturing solution which puts patients first and provides sponsors with a unique, adaptive supply strategy to ultimately meet the expanding challenges of clinical trials.

  • Clinical Trial Material Distribution Services
    Clinical Trial Material Distribution Services

    As your clinical material partner, we simplify – and accelerate – your clinical trials. From assistance with time-consuming international documentation through destruction following all regulatory protocols, RPS is your trusted clinical trial partner.

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