• Investigator Payments – A Critical Component In Bayer’s Sponsor Of Choice Strategy

    Year after year, slow and unpredictable investigator payments continue to be a top complaint from clinical study sites. Explore Bayer's Automated Site Payment Invoice Resolution project in the available white paper.

  • Virtual Site Audits Should Be The New Standard

    To keep life-saving drug launches on track during COVID-19, we had to start doing virtual site audits for the first time — and discovered an excellent business model in the process.

  • Drug Repurposing Trends — A CDMO Perspective

    Dr. Anil Kane, Executive Director, Global Head of Technical & Scientific Affairs at Thermo Fisher Scientific, reviews drug repurposing trends and shares case studies to demonstrate how a CDMO plays a role in drug repurposing and supporting the pharmaceutical industry in taking drugs to market approval.

  • How To Build Productive, Strategic Sponsor-CRO Partnerships

    The relationship between sponsors and CROs is strengthening as the outsourcing of trials becomes ever-more common. Watch the available webinar to see how it’s in both parties’ interests to align their goals, structures, and processes in order to increase productivity, reduce costs, and ultimately deliver more successful studies.

  • Factoring The "What Ifs" Into Supply Forecasting

    Review considerations for developing a supply plan, the influence of early decisions and their impact on outcomes as a trial progresses, and how decisions can put patients and the trial at risk.

  • Recipe For Success In Radiopharmaceutical studies

    Radiopharmaceutical (RP) studies are not your average clinical trial. With the RP space expanding, sponsors need a team with the experience it takes to turn their synopsis into a fully rounded protocol with the maximum chance of success.

  • Conclusive & Positive Results Delivered Ahead Of Time – By Eight Months

    Most patients with Binge Eating Disorder (BED) seek help from psychiatrists, nutritionists, or obesity specialists, but there was no approved, effective pharmacologic treatment. With unanticipated interest in pivotal Phase 3 studies, we needed to line up and train the right resources while collaborating effectively with the central laboratory, data manager, and other participants.

  • End-To-End Workflow: From Budget Creation To Payment Execution

    Join Greenphire's Catherine Click, Director, Clinical Pricing & Analysis, and Kyle Cunningham, Chief Product Officer as they discuss the four key budgeting challenges faced by sponsors and CROs which can hinder global study success.

  • Compelling Advantages Of Creating A Patient-Centric Supply Chain

    Marken’s Nina Vas, discusses everything from global regulatory and trade compliance proficiency to the importance of a secure, closed-loop environment with regard to developing a patient-centric supply chain.


  • The integrated video meetings capability in Cognizant® Shared Investigator Platform (SIP) provides a new way forward for sponsors, facilitating decentralization by consolidating virtual meeting capabilities with other day-today trial activities into a single platform, providing a live connection between sponsors and sites and improving overall trial efficiency.

  • As you look to rapidly initiate clinical studies for the treatment of COVID-19, you need access to clinical testing and operational support services that facilitate the execution of the trial. With our industry-leading menu of validated tests, LabConnect can offer you a comprehensive selection of SARS-CoV-2 assays in addition to sample processing services.

  • With billions of dollars in on-time payments made across more than 90 countries, IQVIA Technologies offers site payment options for sponsors and CROs of every size and specialty. Choose the services you need today with the confidence that you can move freely between business models as your company grows.

  • Site payments are not easy. They are frustrating, burdensome and a drain of time and resources. A site’s inability to receive payment accurately and quickly is the result of manual, siloed processes across the entire study.

  • ClinCard optimizes clinical trial performance by improving participant engagement and retention while eliminating the administrative burdens that can distract from research execution.