• Enrollment Goals Exceeded Through High Touch, High Tech For A Dermatology Study Of Adolescent Patients

    UBC was selected by a large biopharmaceutical company to manage a U.S.- based Phase IV randomized, placebo controlled clinical trial of patients with severe acne. As a result of UBC’s innovative services, not only was the enrollment goal achieved, but it was exceeded by 60%

  • How Technology Is Enabling Advancements In The Assessment Of Patient Safety

    Pharmacovigilance (PV) activities must be carefully planned from the outset of the drug development process. Read more about available process automation solutions available and if your company could benefit from working with external partners to manage PV activities.

  • Smarter Trials Begin And End With Greenphire

    Today’s clinical trials are more complicated and demanding than ever before. They’re often global, costly and require cumbersome travel. Greenphire is changing that. With our solutions, you can manage the entire financial lifecycle for trials conducted all over the world. Greenphire works directly with leading research institutions, sites, sponsors and CROs to simplify clinical trials and facilitate stronger, more collaborative relationships. With solutions that streamline your workflows, you can focus on providing better patient care.   

  • Disrupting Clinical Operations With CRO Strategic Partnerships

    In response to tighter margins, globalization and increasing regulatory complexity, sponsors have been embracing an outsourcing model using Contract Research Organizations (CROs) to conduct scientific services for all phases of clinical research. Sponsors must continuously fight an uphill battle to minimize complexity, streamline business processes and workflows, ensure compliance and increase efficiencies at every level. Cue the rise of cloud-based technology solutions.

  • Factoring The “What Ifs” Into Supply Forecasting

    Growing urgency in the biopharmaceutical industry to speed new products to market leads to greater appreciation for supply forecasting as a strategic and highly complex success factor. Review considerations for developing a supply plan, the influence of early decisions and their impact on outcomes as a trial progresses, and how decisions can put patients and the trial at risk.

  • Remote Monitoring For Sites In Veeva SiteVault Free

    Learn how sites can share and collaborate remotely with study monitors for source document review and verification in Veeva SiteVault Free.

  • How Sponsors Can Ovecome The Growing Challenges In Clinical Trial Budgeting And Negotiation

    This paper seeks to explore the most crucial obstacles to successful budget design and negotiation in light of the current complexity experienced across the clinical trial universe. It highlights how technology can streamline these traditionally manual, time-consuming workflows, increase transparency and predictability, and deliver more current, and accurate data for an optimized study start-up.

  • Investigator Retention Pro Tip: Speed Clinical Trial Payments

    If you have to pay clinical research sites for conducting clinical trials, then you know the importance of on-time payments to retain good investigators for future studies. Discover a new way to speed payments and increase visibilty with Vault CTMS.

  • REMS Technology Of Today And Tomorrow - Transformative Solutions To Help Reduce Burden And Improve Safety

    During the 12th REMS Summit in Virginia, UBC’s Natalie O’Donnell, Corporate Vice President, Safety, REMS, and Strategic Engagement and Justin Wilson, Director, Software Development and Technology, presented a session on the impact technology has had on REMS and the potential effect it can have in the future. 


  • Whatever your existing study team structure and study data output requirements, our functional service provision models will support your team to drive outputs to delivery. Expand your data management and biostatistics capabilities with Cmed FSP models.

  • Clinical trial management and late stage research to achieve regulatory approval and optimize product commercialization

  • Ropack Pharma Solutions provides a serialized supply chain that is proficient, verified and ready to safeguard your pharmaceutical product and the patients who depend on it.

  • When it comes to treating rare diseases, Rho understands that advancements don’t come easy and the rarity of the diseases alone can inhibit the success of clinical trials. To better support and aid the development of your product, we’ll lean hard on our strong relationships with advocacy organizations and clinical sites to simplify recruitment and increase retention while meeting regulatory requirements – ultimately providing more feasible rare disease clinical trials.

  • LabConnect’s project managers are passionate about clinical research and dedicated to ensuring the success of your project. Our experience allows us to design better laboratory services to meet the needs of your investigative sites while identifying and managing risks in the project.