• An Animal Study That You Won’t Forget

    For a long time, scientists have been trying to understand how neurodegenerative diseases, such as Alzheimer’s and dementia, develop. This is difficult to do partly because you can’t easily obtain samples of brain tissue from live humans. Read about why recent study is making history in the field of Alzheimer’s research.

  • CRO Selection Taken Seriously

    Industry Standard Research (ISR) asked over 500 clinical-development outsourcers their level of agreement with the statement: My organization’s mix of CROs is not likely to change much in the next two years.

  • Boosting Immuno-Oncology’s Effectiveness Against Cancer

    The current limitations on the use of immunotherapy drugs could be swept away thanks to the development of immune checkpoint inhibitors. They block disruptive proteins that limit the body’s natural immune response and stop T-Cells from destroying cancer cells. Some of the biggest factors stopping the more widespread use of these drugs are the limitations of current standards in effectively measuring how well they work. Read how improvements in the methods used for immuno-oncology drug trials could benefit both researchers and patients.

  • Cellular Therapy In Neurological Diseases

    A look at the latest advances in this area as well as challenges that sponsors face when running cell therapy-based trials.

  • Compensating Participants In Clinical Research: Current Thinking

    New research on how people make decisions about research participation, and new approaches to the question of payments and compensation to participants, bring a new perspective; are payments to participants actually too low? This paper explores this question, and whether we should, in fact, worry much less about restricting compensation for research participants.


  • Phase II-III Services Rho is adept at managing every aspect of Phase II and Phase III trials. We offer a broad range of services that allows us to provide capacity and experience in clinical trial management.
  • A Proven Dual-Focus Specialty CRO For Women’s Health And Diagnostics

    Health Decisions is a full-service CRO specializing in clinical studies of therapeutics for women’s health indications and studies of diagnostics for all therapeutic areas.

  • Product Safety And Pharmacovigilance Product Safety is an integral member of Rho's core project team. Throughout the life cycle of the program, Product Safety ensures global safety reporting timelines are met, supports and educates site staff, and provides a safety profile through management and analysis of the safety data.
  • Project Management For 25 years, Rho has benefited clients from pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and federal research institutions by successfully leading their clinical research projects from initiation to closure.
  • Registries And Observational Studies

    UBC understands the challenges surrounding registries and other real-world data studies. Our epidemiological approach to registries and other non-interventional studies focuses on collecting relevant data to understand the natural history of the diseases for which treatments are being developed, and the real-world use of medicinal products in the post-marketing period, either as an ad hoc study, in electronic medical records, or by leveraging existing databases and registries.