• Allow your investigator sites to focus on the subjects and not processing kits. Clinical kits from LabConnect make an investigator’s job easier by eliminating guesswork, saving time and reducing the risk of error. We offer turnkey solutions for even the most complex trials.

  • Source data verification (SDV) is a critical activity within clinical trial monitoring, yet the traditional approach focused on 100% SDV is limited in its ability to quickly identify issues and prevent them from recurring. Rave TSDV (Targeted SDV), unified with Rave EDC, enables CRAs to focus on critical to quality (CtQ) factors identified within risk management activities.

  • Learn how ISR finds and screens quality respondents, how their custom reports can be specifically tailored to meet your company’s needs, and what sets their market research apart.

  • LabConnect’s expertise in sample management and risk mitigation and our flexible storage temperature platforms ensure maintenance of sample integrity for the entire sample life cycle.

  • Relying on vast expertise and experience, we work with biotechs looking to take advantage of the benefits of early development in Japan and Asia-Pacific region, and tailor our early phase clinical trial platform to meet your development needs.