Ropack High Speed Blistering, Cartoning And Serialization Capabilities

Source: Ropack Pharma Solutions
Single-lane Blistering, Cartoning, And Serialization

The BEC 300, manufactured by Uhlmann, is the eighth blister line at Ropack Pharma Solutions. The single-lane unit integrates blistering, cartoning, and serialization.

The expansion of RPS’s blister lines to include the BEC 300 is a response to the continued increase in demand for blister, a preferred packaging format when the need for security, stability, and sustained efficacy is significant.

Product details of the Uhlmann BEC 300:

  • Blister production: 300 blisters/minute
  • Solid dose products
  • Cartoner module production: 150 or 300 cartons/minute
  • Batches of 10,000-70,000 packs
  • Single-lane unit