Partnering & Outsourcing Editorial

  1. Marriage Pitfalls In Strategic Partnerships – And How To Avoid Them

    Strategic partnerships have changed dramatically in the last 20 years. Regardless of your model, one thing is certain: All of them will have their own issues and challenges. What’s important is how you choose to address those outsourcing challenges when bumps in the relationship inevitably occur.

  2. Will Virtual Trials Mean The End Of CROs?

    Virtual trials are growing in acceptance. The patient-centric aspect of these trials makes them easier to recruit and retain patients and accelerate timelines, while also providing patient data to researchers in real time. But will virtual trials also mean the end of CROs?

  3. Inspire Awards Honor The Industry’s Best

    DIA’s Inspire Awards have grown every year that Barbara Lopez Kunz, global chief executive for DIA, has been with the organization. Kunz, who has been with DIA since 2013, notes it has become the place to be for attendees travelling to the annual meeting.

  4. A Crash Course In CRO Partnership — 4 Strategies For A Healthy Relationship

    You just wrapped up a productive meeting with the FDA. The FDA reviewer has agreed to your clinical strategy. Your leadership team is excited and cannot wait to launch the clinical trial.

  5. Want Highly Qualified Sites? Follow These 6 Simple Rules

    Having a highly-qualified clinical site participating in a trial can be a blessing to any operations person. Sites interact with patients, help pharma test new therapies, and provide reliable data that leads to regulatory approval. When evaluating sites, how can you tell which ones will over-perform and which will leave you wishing you had passed on them altogether?

  6. Top 5 Strategies To Execute And Document GCP/GVP Vendor Oversight

    Over the last 10 years, the face of clinical research & development (R&D) and pharmacovigilance (PV) outsourcing has dramatically changed. What was a common industry scenario by 2010 — a full-scale operational pharma company utilizing both international and U.S.-based contract research organizations (CROs) to execute clinical investigator site monitoring and data management — has evolved into a new common scenario in 2019.

  7. Otsuka: Real-Time Data Changes Trial Paradigm

    As the Otsuka VP of Applied Innovation and Process Improvement, Debbie Profit spends a lot of her time thinking about the future of clinical trials. “There are changes occurring in the industry that will force clinical development executives to shift their mindset,” says Profit. “I am trying to understand what clinical trial sites will look like going forward.”

  8. Overcome The Challenges Of An Ultra-Rare Disease Trial

    ArQule is a personalized medicine company working in the oncology space to develop treatments that target specific mutations. While attempting to overcome a challenge with its product, ArQule was approached by a group at the NIH which wanted to partner to help patients with an ultra-rare disease known as Proteus syndrome.

  9. Want To Partner With Big Pharma? Take This Expert Advice

    When preparing for a large Phase 3 trial, many small companies may need a Big Pharma partner to help them through the process. But how do you connect with large companies? And what are the best practices for working with them? A panel at the 2018 Clinical Leader Forum in Philadelphia attempted to bring some clarity to those questions.

  10. Clinical Trial Consortium Aims To Eliminate Inefficiency

    On March 1, 2018, the Partners in Innovation, Education, and Research Consortium™ (PIER) became an LLC in the State of Delaware. The six founding members of PIER (Jefferson Health, Atlantic Health System, Drexel University, Einstein Healthcare Network, Geisinger Health System, and Main Line Health) hope to bring efficiencies and cost reductions to clinical research.