Partnering Solutions

  1. Be The First To Market With Your Biosimilar

    Biological medicines have changed the treatment pathway for many debilitating conditions, but the high price tag is a barrier, and many patients are denied access to these life-changing and life-saving medicines. This, combined with the increasing prevalence of chronic diseases has led to higher demand for  available, affordable drugs that can improve health and utilization.

  2. Accelerate Your Pain And Analgesia Trials

    The advances in our understanding of pain mechanisms and a large number of clinical studies have not translated into more effective, affordable, and safer pharmaceutical products. But Worldwide Clinical Trials can help you change that.

  3. Connecting The Dots For Global Vaccine Clinical Research

    A hands-on approach provides significant advantages that can shorten drug development timelines and reduce development risk.

  4. From Trial Design To CDISC Submission

    CRO manages multiple, complex statistical analysis deliverables for a program of studies, CDISC compliant outputs, and data pooling for NDA submission to the FDA with minimal sponsor oversight.

  5. Hematology And Oncology Brochure

    A specialized partner in Hematology and Oncology clinical development.

  6. Hematology And Oncology

    Gain a competitive advantage for your study in the ever-evolving landscape of hematology and oncology drug and biologic clinical development.

  7. T-Cell Receptor Sequencing Assay for Characterization of Adaptive Immune Response

    The T-cell Receptor Sequencing assay, using RNA Sequencing, is part of an immuno-oncology assay portfolio and is available for RUO or GCP application

  8. Bioinformatics and Computational Solutions for Genomic Insights

    Bioinformatics big data solutions using next generation sequencing to enable genomics studies from discovery to clinical biomarker development.

  9. Vaccine and Infectious Disease Testing Capabilities

    Q2 Solutions testing capabilities for infectious diseases and vaccine development, including TB, HIV, Malaria, HPV, Ebola, RSV, and other infectious agents.

  10. Bioclinica Site And Patient Payments

    Improve cash management and financial risk mitigation as well as site payment transparency, control and accuracy, while reducing payment-related workload and costs, with Bioclinica’s Site & Patient Payments platform.