Partnering Solutions

  1. Clinical Development Solutions Brochure

    Clinical trial management and late stage research to achieve regulatory approval and optimize product commercialization

  2. Almac ONE: One Unified Clinical Trial Supply Solution

    Almac’s One Unified Clinical Trial Supply Solution has one objective to guarantee the study drug is with the patient at the right time while ensuring the complete chain of custody and minimising wastage of drug from production to destruction.

  3. Real-Time Data. Real-World Impact.

    Up to 60% of clinical development time and 40% of cost are spent on patient recruitment. Data can help, but simply accessing more data only muddies your decision making. With Covance, you get the right analysis on the right data to empower your studies. Recruit eligible patients that fit your protocol faster, identify and secure proven and/or new sites, forecast and measure progress more efficiently. With Covance’s proprietary data, your program hits its mark.

  4. ConneX

    ConneX is a global travel solution providing in-market services and support, designed to meet the unique travel needs of each study, whether it be for rare disease, diverse populations, pediatrics, etc. Our offering removes the burden of complex travel arrangement from site staff, while peace of mind is established for participants, their families and caregivers.

  5. Early Hit-To-Lead ADME Screening Bundle

    Q2 Solutions can help drive your discovery phase structure activity relationship (SAR) by optimizing for ADME properties, in parallel to your receptor binding potency and selectivity, for more rapid identification of high quality drug candidates.

  6. Bioanalytical Immunoassay Services To Accelerate Biosimilar Development

    Navigating the challenges of developing a biosimilar through clinical trials while meeting regulatory guidelines requires an experienced partner. Q2 Solutions offers tailored solutions that will help you make informed decisions and shape validated outcomes for your study, from research to commercialization.

  7. Assay Development For Large-Scale Clinical Studies

    Q2 Solutions’ bioanalytical experts can partner with you to develop assays that incorporate state-of-the-art instrumentation, rigorous quality control, and a logistics infrastructure to support large-scale, international studies.

  8. Clinical Supply Chain Management

    With the increased globalization of clinical trials and development of biologics, the clinical supply chain can feel like uncharted territory.What if you were able to tap into the experience of thousands of clinical trials when designing your drug supply strategy? What if you could see different ideas in practice and understand what works and what doesn’t?

  9. Analytical And Clinical Research Services

    Our analytical and research services evaluate the performance of formulations using a whole range of advanced investigative testing procedures. They’re a hugely important part of our work, forming a valuable foundation for future developments and innovations.

  10. Clinical Formulation Development Services

    At Sharp, we’re here to help you overcome development challenges, keep costs down and accelerate your time to market. We’ll work with you to develop a reliable formulation that gives optimal clinical outcomes and can be easily reproduced on a large scale, with excellent stability.