Insights On Partnering

  1. Collaboration Is The Secret To Successful Outsourcing

    Best practices to ensure a successful sponsor-CRO collaboration

  2. Reservations Held By Referring Physicians In Clinical Trials

    Some physicians are reluctant to participate in clinical trials as a referring physician. This is a huge issue because a large portion of participants can come directly from a referring physician’s office. Christina Norris, VP of Clinical Operations at Benchworks and specialist in planning, developing and executing patient recruitment programs for clinical trials offers possible solutions for this problem.

  3. 5 Reasons Why Pharma Needs A Pharmacovigilance Partner

    Are you finding that developing the right systems and SOPs to support long-term pharmacovigilance activities is time consuming and costly? Realize how collaborating with an external partner for these services alleviate this burden along with other added benefits.

  4. Top Three Drivers To Improve Study Start-up

    Study start-up has significant impact on the overall speed of a trial, making it one of the most critical parts of the study process. Encouragingly, adoption of study start-up applications is on the rise. Discover the top areas for improvement in today's study start-up processes.

  5. Capabilities For Clinical Studies In Contraception

    Contraception studies involve a variety of unique operational and methodological considerations that may vary at different stages of development. This paper explains those considerations as well as key risks and mitigations in contraception studies.

  6. Data Standardization For Late Stage Development And Periapproval Studies

    Now more than ever, especially in rare disease populations, and as manufacturers look to add many different types of data from a variety of sources. Challenges exist when data with differing data elements from a number of sources (EDC, registries, claims, HCPs, pharmacy, lab, etc.) converge. Therefore, standardization of the data is paramount in generating evidence to benefit patients, especially rare disease patients, where population size is limited.

  7. Advanced Analytics For The Monitoring Of Clinical Trials

    Clinical research generates a massive amount of data. Unfortunately, because of the way most clinical data programs currently work, much of these data are not used to their fullest extent; they are simply filed away. This white paper will focus on the benefits provided by a unique and advanced analytical approach to study monitoring beyond the minimum necessary RBM approach.

  8. Setting The Scene In Immuno-oncology

    Applying lessons learned to the future of Immuno-oncology.

  9. Five Things To Know When it Comes To iRECIST

    Here are five things you should know about iRECIST as the standard shapes up as an important tool in assessing solid tumors.

  10. Compensating Participants In Clinical Research: Current Thinking

    New research on how people make decisions about research participation, and new approaches to the question of payments and compensation to participants, bring a new perspective; are payments to participants actually too low? This paper explores this question, and whether we should, in fact, worry much less about restricting compensation for research participants.