Insights On Partnering

  1. Using Gene Signature Methodologies To Strengthen Immuno-Oncology Trials

    Cutting edge genomics technologies to power and enhance immuno-oncology (IO) trials where reporting transcriptional response pairs a person to therapy without multiple biopsies.

  2. Microsatellite Instability Assay For Response To Immunotherapy

    MSI assay for sensitive detection of 5 mononucleotide repeat markers in tumor FFPE specimens.

  3. Immune Landscape Signatures For Characterization Of Tumor Microenvironment And Response To Therapy

    Gene expression and analysis for detection of 11 Immune Landscape Signatures.

  4. A Proactive Approach To Ebola Vaccine Development

    Best practices for rapid test development and regulatory approvals.

  5. Fighting Cancer: Biomarkers For Immuno-Oncology Clinical Trials

    Using anatomic pathology for biomarker development in clinical trials can help predict and assess how a patient will respond to immuno-oncology therapies

  6. Minimal Residual Disease: Finding The Right Test For The New Definition Of Remission

    Measurement of Residual Disease for improved oncology trial outcomes - what factors make an MRD test most effective plus explore the pros and cons of various MRD measurement approaches.

  7. Planning And Implementing Biomarker Testing For immuno-Oncology Trials

    Exploring the challenges with the diverse clinical biomarker requirements.

  8. Immunotherapy And PD-L1: The Future Of Precision Medicine

    Advances in precision medicine lead to new trends in immunotherapy.

  9. Using Advanced Techniques For Protein Bioanalysis

    Overcoming hurdles in a regulated setting.

  10. CRO Consolidations – A Boon for Pharma?

    CRO mergers affect the agility and speed of operations and may hamper efforts to bring in new technologies but at the same time can add significant value to both the pharmaceutical industry and the patients who depend on the life-saving medicines it produces.