Insights On Partnering

  1. Getting to True Agile IRT: 5 Questions To Ask Your IRT Vendor

    While many vendors are claiming agile IRT capabilities, it is important to dig deeply and examine these claims – as well as a company’s proven ability to provide predictable, consistent delivery of project timelines and quality.

  2. Taking On Both Animal Health And Human Clinical Trials With One eClinical Platform

    How a CRO is leveraging the eClinical versatility necessary to succeed in a broad array of studies.

  3. Gene Expression For Keeping Pace With Immuno-Oncology Breakthroughs And Biomarker Identification

    A summary of the clinical relevance of RNA-Seq as well as when and how to use gene expression profiling for biomarker discovery for immunotherapy trials.

  4. New Temperature Management Strategy Ensures GDP Compliance And Patient Safety For Large Pharma Company

    In the world of clinical trials and GxP activities, without documented evidence of an event, you cannot confirm what really happened. Learn how one large pharmaceutical customer, at risk of non-compliance to GDP due to a downturn in temperature data, improved their monitor compliance upload rate.

  5. On A Technology–Enabled Collision Course: Clinical Research And Clinical Practice Converge Through Real World Evidence

    Late Phase Research in the Life Sciences segment is undergoing a rapid transformation due to the digitalisation of healthcare and the greater availability of, and access to, Real World Data (RWD). This transformation is arriving not a moment too soon, given the changes anticipated from the Twenty-first Century Cures Act, EMA’s Adaptive Pathways approach, and the increased demand for Real World Evidence (RWE) generated from these RWD. In addition to supporting regulatory decisions, RWE is playing an ever expanding role in developing the product value propositions that are driving reimbursement decisions globally.

  6. New Opportunities For Immuno-oncology Clinical Development Programs Through T Cell/B Cell Repertoire Profiling

    Immune repertoire profiling provides better outcomes for immuno-oncology development programs .

  7. External Lab Management Designed For The Lab Of The Future

    Centralizing your third party labs means faster contracting times, consolidated data, improved flexibility, and more time to focus on your core business.

  8. More Collaboration With Investigative Sites: Less Technology Overload Delivers Transparency And Efficiencies

    Learn about how sites struggling under the weight of too much technology, yet looking for a more robust collaboration and transparency process can benefit from automated workflows in the initiation of clinical trials.

  9. Companion Diagnostic Development: Current Trends And Recommendations

    Learn six strategies for success when developing your companion diagnostic.

  10. Minimal Residual Disease Detection: Key Considerations For Clinical Development In Oncology

    Current MRD detection landscape, key considerations for each approach, and current advancements that will contribute to further improvements in MRD detection.