Insights On Partnering

  1. CRO Consolidations – A Boon for Pharma?

    CRO mergers affect the agility and speed of operations and may hamper efforts to bring in new technologies but at the same time can add significant value to both the pharmaceutical industry and the patients who depend on the life-saving medicines it produces.

  2. Collaboration Is The Secret To Successful Outsourcing

    Best practices to ensure a successful sponsor-CRO collaboration

  3. Setting The Scene In Immuno-oncology

    Applying lessons learned to the future of Immuno-oncology.

  4. Don’t Let Burdensome Site Payment Processes Undermine Your Study Performance

    CROs & Sponsors:  Have we overcome the limitations of early site payment solutions? Learn how a Site Payment Advisory Group helped improve site payment technology for all stakeholders.

  5. Site Payment Automation: A Site's Perspective

    How a CRO's decision to automate site payments saved thousands.

  6. Clinical Research Site Payment Study

    Study helps further understand the current processes related to reconciling payments at research sites, the level of satisfaction at research sites around receivables, as well as the impact that reconciling payments from sponsors / CROs has on the site’s ability to conduct a clinical trial.

  7. A Better Way To Pay Clinical Research Sites: Automating Site Grant Payments

    How automating site grant payments can optimize payment processes for sites leading to greater site satisfaction and allowing sites to operate at peak performance and reduce errors.

  8. Investigator Site Turnover: The Importance Of CRO Support

    How to offer superior value-add by enhancing a site’s clinical trial experience for improved outcomes, strengthening the relationship and positioning sites for future trial success.

  9. FDA Published Guidance For Payment To Clinical Trial Study Participants

    FDA guidance document specifically emphasizes the importance of analyzing study participant payments in order to reduce the likelihood of coercion.

  10. Understanding The Continuum Of Clinical Collaboration

    Vendor-selection processes are tilting toward finding as broad and deep a fit as possible, the better to capture the efficiencies from scale and repeatability that those moves are intended to deliver.