• Navigating The Challenges And Opportunities Of Value Based Health Care
    Navigating The Challenges And Opportunities Of Value Based Health Care

    The rapid shift to VBHC is reshaping markets for medical and diagnostic devices in several important ways. Its incentives significantly affect the purchasing behavior of payers, clinicians and patients – and what device makers must do to win their business. Generally, this includes determining how these various stakeholders define value, and gathering evidence to build a value based purchasing case early in the product development cycle. In this paper, we examine some of the major factors that influence how different stakeholders define value. We then describe a model for mapping stakeholder value that can help drive profitable device development programs in increasingly value driven markets.

  • Complementing ePRO + eCOA Platforms With Patient Micropayments

    Sadly, the average drop-out rate across clinical trials is 30%. Greenphire has increasingly seen clients focused on increasing completion rates of patient reported outcomes and bolstering compliance using ClinCard. ClinCard has built-in text reminders for upcoming onsite patient visits and the ability to trigger “micropayments” when select tasks are completed.

  • Medical University Finds Solution To Track Participant Remuneration

    Concern ensued across the Medical University of South Carolina (MUSC) research faculty and staff when they received notice that departments would need to somehow track and sum all their petty cash, Walmart and Target gift cards, VISA cards and checks issued through Accounts Payable (as there was no institutional research policy standardizing a single type of remuneration payment for clinical research participants). A fellow academic medical school recommended ClinCard by Greenphire which ended up being the perfect solution.

  • How To Prepare For An Inspection

    A best practice for inspection preparation is a standard operating procedure (SOP) that codifies the roles, procedures, and training your organization will enact in preparation for an announced inspection.

  • Data Standardization For Late Stage Development And Periapproval Studies

    Now more than ever, especially in rare disease populations, and as manufacturers look to add many different types of data from a variety of sources. Challenges exist when data with differing data elements from a number of sources (EDC, registries, claims, HCPs, pharmacy, lab, etc.) converge. Therefore, standardization of the data is paramount in generating evidence to benefit patients, especially rare disease patients, where population size is limited.

  • Collaboration In Biopharma: Harnessing The Power Of Cloud-based Technologies

    From banking to e-commerce, cloud computing has transformed the landscape of the world economy. It is also gradually changing the face of the biopharma industry. In the scientific world, effective communication and collaboration are essential to successful outcomes. Although biopharma has been slower than some other industries to adopt cloud-based technologies, the field is increasingly relying on the cloud to advance scientific knowledge.

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  • Tools For Improving Data Quality In Dermatology Trials [eCOA]

    Several aspects of dermatological symptom rating are prone to variability due to the nature and presentation of dermatological symptoms. This webinar will cover these aspects, overcoming the limitations and how to accurately and reliably standardize symptom assessment through rigorous clinician training.

  • eConsent In Action - How It Works And Why Patients Appreciate It

    Do you have questions regarding eConsent such as can I afford it? What is the measured ROI? How does it change the ICF creation process? Does it work globally? Watch this 45-minute webinar where we discuss benefits for patients, sites and study teams, address common questions and concerns, and present a brief technology demonstration to help you make eConsent decisions for your upcoming trials.

  • Increase Your Safety Insight With And Signal Management Analytics

    Safety decisions should be driven by data; the right aggregations combined with the right analytical tools can make all the difference for your benefit-risk assessments and compliance metrics. Watch this webcast to learn how Oracle Safety Cloud provides you with a unified, flexible, and powerful solution

  • Why Life Science Companies Are Moving To The Oracle Safety Cloud

    Please join Oracle Health Sciences’ Senior Safety Strategist Marianne Savage and Consulting Sales Manager Mark Lee to learn why life science organizations are moving their safety applications into the cloud, and the benefits gained when compared to maintaining an on-premise environment.

  • How Artificial Intelligence Will Revolutionize Safety

    Watch this webcast to learn how artificial intelligence, natural language processing, and machine learning are poised to change the way we do pharmacovigilance.

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  • Veeva Vault eTMF Brochure

    Veeva Vault eTMF provides real-time inspection readiness, full visibility into TMF status, and access for all study partners. Sponsors get the clarity they need to oversee trials more effectively. CROs gain the flexibility and control required to operationalize their SOPs and efficiently populate the eTMF. Auditors get easy online access with a dedicated role. And sites receive a simple and efficient means to interact with CROs and sponsors.Veeva Vault eTMF promotes the highest levels of  TMF quality, access, visibility, and control.

  • Veeva Vault CTMS Brochure

    Veeva Vault CTMS is the only modern cloud application that makes it easy for life sciences companies to unify clinical information and processes, streamline trial management, and gain complete visibility across the trial portfolio.

  • Vault CTMS
    Vault CTMS

    Vault CTMS is the only modern cloud application that makes it easy for life sciences companies to unify clinical information and processes, streamline trial management, and gain complete visibility across the trial portfolio.

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