• Practical Considerations For Patient-Focused Data Collection In Oncology Trials

    Read how new initiatives reinforce the importance of the patient’s voice, acknowledge the limitations of traditional approaches and build on the lessons that emerge from each new study.

  • Removing Barriers: Reimbursement And Compensation For Participation In Oncology Clinical Trials

    Approximately 20% of cancer clinical trials will never be completed, because they fail to enroll enough participants to be able to answer the research question. Read this white paper to learn the impact that participant payments may play on clinical trial recruitment.

  • When Virtual Trials Are Not The Answer

    When used successfully, the virtual clinical trial model promises to enroll more patients faster, improve patient retention, and reduce costs. For all their perceived advantages, a virtual model doesn’t suit all studies. Read some challenges of virtual trials as well as when they do and do not work.

  • How To Minimize Subjectivity In Dermatology – Part 1: Principal Investigators And Clinical Staff

    The success of any clinical trial depends on unbiased data. However, the subjective nature of many dermatology assessments makes unbiased data harder to come by. Inconsistent reports based on subjective findings can skew data, which may obscure the true effects of treatment. In-depth training of investigators and staff helps minimize subjectivity, but even traditional training can fall short. Here are a few solutions.

  • The Future Of Diabetes Treatment

    For those of us who are living with or who have a family member living with type 1 diabetes, we are probably well acquainted with the promises of pancreas transplants, islet stem cell therapy, and other science fiction. But what types of advances can we realistically hope for in the next 5 to 10 years? Or maybe even in the next 2 years?

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  • Patient-Focused And Connected Clinical Trials: A New Rare Disease Paradigm
    Patient-Focused And Connected Clinical Trials: A New Rare Disease Paradigm

    Patient centricity isn’t just a buzz word. It’s the key to achieving a sustainable clinical trial paradigm that reduces the burden of participation and accelerates drug development – especially in rare disease research. Watch this video to learn how to make clinical trials more successful and patient-focused.

  • Virtual Study Designs

    Virtual study designs are transforming the way biopharmaceutical businesses conduct research. Tactics that decentralize the approach to clinical and observational research are ushering in a new paradigm of efficient data collection and patient centric engagement.

  • ETL: Maximizing Reuse Of Your Clinical Trial Data

    ETL — extract, transform, and load — enables sponsors to operationalize clinical trial data, leverage off the investment they have made in other sources to reuse data, and automate populating key elements for registration on and EudraCT.

  • Global Compliance Made Easy

    Global clinical trial disclosure compliance is inherently complex, with over 39 registries, Most sponsors simply lack visibility into all the places they need to disclose information or what their commitments are. Automation can help make global compliance easier.

  • ConneX - Expert Travel Solution For Clinical Trial Participants

    ConneX is the most comprehensive clinical trial travel solution designed to meet the unique needs of your global trials.  

  • Webinar: What A Closed-Loop eClinical Stack Does For Clinical Trials

    In our webinar, Medrio’s DDC experts explore the key differences between multi-vendor and single-vendor eClinical solutions. Which approach empowers organizations to maximize the benefits of DDC?

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  • Real World Data For Safety Surveillance

    UBC has focused on drug safety evaluation with RWD for more than 15 years and is aligned with FDA’s Sentinel Initiative. UBC’s safety scientists and epidemiologists provide comprehensive and customized RWD solutions to evaluate the safety of your marketed products.

  • Real World Evidence

    Implementing an enterprise-wide Real World Evidence strategy is essential to meet the growing demands of regulators, patients, healthcare providers and payers to support approval, treatment decisions and reimbursement. Fluency in evidence-generation combined with operational expertise in RWE are crucial for capitalizing on the potential RWE has to offer.

  • Patient Focused, Data Empowered, Delivery Driven

    Biorasi solves the problem of patient access and engagement with data empowered insights and operational excellence, delivering faster, higher quality trials.

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