• The IQVIA Clinical Data Repository (CDR) ingests, integrates and standardizes data to drive downstream processes such as real-time data cleaning, decentralized trails, centralized monitoring and machine learning. 

  • Safety teams are under enormous pressure to control ever-increasing caseloads, new sources of signal detection data, and changing regulations—all with flat budgets and resources. What if you could alleviate this pressure, while improving efficiency and strengthening compliance?

    Powered by artificial intelligence, Oracle Safety Cloud provides compliant multivigilance from clinical trials through post-marketing surveillance, allowing you to manage both adverse event cases and signals faster, more accurately, and more efficiently to meet your growing needs.

  • Legacy electronic Trial Master File (eTMF) systems are built on proprietary data standards or old file sharing tech. ArisGlobal is forging a new path.

  • New-generation IRT systems go beyond the fundamentals of randomization and drug supply to offer more functionality, visibility, flexibility and quality. Today’s advanced systems allow sponsors to fully control materials management, site and patient interactions, dosing scenarios, and treatment schedules down to individual patient and material unit levels. The IRT Worst Case Scenario Survival Handbook was built from YPrime’s knowledge gained, lessons learned, and creative solutions used to overcome study challenges and keep projects on track, no matter what.

  • IQVIA understands one FSP model does not fit all requirements. Our models have been designed to fit the breadth and depth of your needs. Together, we can help you transform business processes and increase efficiencies.