• Preparation Is Key For A Successful eTMF Inspection

    Receiving notification of an impending inspection can cause panic for TMF owners but, with the right preparation and tools, stress can be minimized.

  • How UAT Innovations Are Shaving Weeks Off EDC Builds

    Veeva and Vertex talk about the opportunity for process and technology innovations to reduce UAT timelines by over 50%.

  • Actigraphy For Multiple Sclerosis

    Activity patterns of those with multiple sclerosis (MS) fluctuate over time according to exacerbations and remissions, and therefore represent an important marker of disease progression. Read how actigraphy can be used to to measure conventional activity, sleep, and circadian endpoints and more to assist in studies.

  • 21 CFR Part 11 Compliance For Clinical Research Sites

    Understanding and following the detailed regulations around 21 CFR Part 11 requires a significant amount of time, resources and knowledge. We’re here to pass along to you as much of this information as possible so you can navigate with ease everything required for compliance – including validation, training and process development.


  • Oracle Health Sciences Analyze Insight for Activate Cloud Service

    For sponsors, improving oversight of study startup means real-time visibility into the progress of studies outsourced to their CRO partners, and transitioning away from tactical projects toward strategic partnerships, with both stakeholders having a vested interest.

  • Vault EDC

    Vault EDC provides a fast and intuitive interface for capturing and reviewing clinical trial data. Designed for flexibility, Vault EDC allows you to run complex multi-arm adaptive trials and make mid-study amendments without downtime or migrations. Veeva is delivering a better EDC that lets you run the trial you want.

  • eClinicalGPS

    eClinicalGPS is designed to automate and streamline clinical site payments, getting sites paid faster and more accurately with less administrative burden. Configured

  • Improve Patient Engagement And Automate Information Sharing In Clinical Trials

    Sponsors and sites can work together better and make it easier for patients to participate in clinical trials with Veeva Vault Site Connect and MyVeeva. Learn how the Veeva Clinical Network brings sponsors, sites, and patients together to share and view information during a trial and accelerate clinical research.

  • Data Management

    Oracle Health Sciences Data Management Workbench provides the information you need to identify and respond to trial issues early and fast.