• Above & Beyond: Better Utilize In-House Reporting Resources With Advarra Insights

    Does your organization utilize your in-house reporting teams and systems to their full potential? Learn how a standardized business intelligence system could complement your current reporting structure to improve your organization’s operations.

  • Actigraphy For Pain And Activity

    Pain is a complex medical condition that involves many physiological functions. Assessment of a patient’s sleep and activity can be critically important for understanding the full dimensions of their pain and the effect of therapies.

  • Best Practices For Preparing For Your TMF Inspection

    As the pandemic has made on-site inspections challenging across most of the world, remote inspections have become vital to keeping studies moving forward. How does this change the way we prepare for inspections, and how do we address the new challenges a remote inspection could bring?

  • GxP Audit Trails For FDA Compliance

    Many companies struggle with ensuring a strong compliance envelope as they transition from an R&D culture to a more-structured, regulated one. In this video we will cover Egnyte for Life Sciences platform overview focusing on audit trails, versioning, and reporting capabilities that can help you overcome your compliance challenges.

  • SOAR®: Expanding Patient Access And Driving Efficiency By Enabling Direct Data From Source To Submission

    The process for developing and approving new therapies for patients has been under scrutiny for at least three decades; concern regarding a "broken" clinical research system has been voiced by many, including patients and caregivers. This white paper first explores current issues with clinical research and the stimuli that are aligning to address them. It then describes the System of Accelerated Research (SOAR®), a transformative model that adheres to all required regulations while accelerating the overall research process, ensuring quality and integrity and focusing on the patient.


  • Rave Clinical Trial Financial Management (CTFM) is the first suite of products that provides an end-to-end solution to clinical trial financial management. Rave CTFM provides unification of study data and financial management on one platform. The suite of products is made up of Rave Design Optimizer, Rave Grants Manager and Rave Site Payments, all paired with the industry leading Rave EDC.

  • As the industry leader in Trial Master File best practices, Phlexglobal understands the reasons why some companies fail inspections and why others consistently do well. Customers place their trust in Phlexglobal because of our proven mastery over the TMF-related questions and challenges they face every day.

  • The ongoing pandemic is clearly, immediately, and drastically changing the way clinical research is being conducted. A leading eRegulatory solution for high-performing clinical research sites, Complion has remained focused on site regulatory document management while enhancing its solutions for sponsors and monitors involved in that process and responsible for the final submission.

  • Clinical trials today are becoming more complex, presenting new challenges for the industry. These include the need to manage increasing volumes, types and sources of data as well as being able to efficiently combine and review them to take informed decisions. With so much invested in the outcomes of your study, why would you wait for answers from old technology?

  • Veeva Vault eTMF gives sponsors real-time and secure access to clinical documentation at every point throughout a trial, providing more effective TMF oversight. Learn more in this product brief.