• Trial sponsors and CROs can now dramatically increase the speed and quality of document filing and indexing with proven artificial intelligence (AI) functionality built into PhlexTMF, Phlexglobal’s advanced eTMF solution. This groundbreaking solution cuts document processing time in half while speeding human quality control (QC) efforts by 40% or more.

  • Leverage Citeline RWD Solutions to enhance feasibility assessments, select optimal trial sites from the start and, when necessary, support trial rescue efforts.

  • Discover inSeption Group's eTMF success process designed to ensure your critical eTMF documents and content is secure, organized, readily accessible, and always in complete compliance with all relevant regulations.

  • Sponsors can maximize the predictive capabilities in Citeline Predict: Study Feasibility by incorporating their data assets into our ML models. In doing so, they will realize improvements in both clinical trial KPIs and feasibility workflow.

  • Medidata AI is uniquely positioned at the nexus of historical clinical trial and real world data. Our Synthetic Control Arm® (SCA) solution can bring significant value to your company’s trials and ultimately help to increase the probability of overall success of your key pipeline assets.