Revvity Signals Software Signals™ Medical Review

Never Miss a Safety Signal

See our exciting new solution for medical monitors, Revvity Signals Software Signals™ Medical Review which empowers clinical development teams and medical monitors to detect safety signals faster and reduce time to submission by combining innovative medical review workflow with advanced analytics.


The Risk of Missing a Safety Signal

Today’s medical monitors require visibility across data sources and CDISC domains and access to dynamic analyses, but clinical safety data can be difficult to navigate even with these capabilities. The specific needs of medical monitors performing in-stream safety reviews remind us that all data challenges are not created equal. Medical monitors can’t afford to hunt for specific subjects of interest, rely on manual tracking of the line listing review process, or invest the time to apply generic analytics capabilities to their day-to-day tasks.

To quickly find and act on data insights, medical monitors require intuitive role-specific workflows for a curated analytics experience.

  • Single unified data analytics solution – from source to visualization to action
  • Curated analytics experience with configurable alerts on cohorts of interest
  • 360-degree visibility across CDISC domains with built-in patient profiles
  • Medical Review status reporting and tracking
  • Secure, regulatory-compliant cloud solution
  • Visualization and analytics powered by industry-leading TIBCO Spotfire

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