Revvity Signals Software’s advanced analytics and services solutions for Clinical Development help the world’s leading biopharmaceutical, medical device and diagnostics manufactures discover new therapeutics faster by streamlining clinical operations, transforming risk into safety and enabling actionable decisions that can lead to better health outcomes.


Signals Clinical streamlines clinical data workflows, reducing the time spent preparing data for analytics. Its comprehensive platform enables the rapid delivery of clinical insights that inform both clinical and operational study decisions.

See our exciting new solution for medical monitors, Revvity Signals Software Signals™ Medical Review which empowers clinical development teams and medical monitors to detect safety signals faster and reduce time to submission by combining innovative medical review workflow with advanced analytics.

The Revvity Signals Software Risk-Based Monitoring Solution is the most effective way to leverage data-driven insights to optimize site performance while improving patient safety.


Discover how embracing fast and flexible clinical analytics can help you address clinical questions and provide real-time insights into data issues as they arise.

Watch to learn about an end-to-end clinical data science platform designed to streamline the rapid generation of deep insights from clinical trial data, enabling efficient delivery of crucial analyses.

Explore key challenges in accessing and preparing analytics-ready clinical data, how FAIR guiding principles can help maximize the value of clinical trial data, and the impact of innovative analytics.


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  • Watch to learn about an end-to-end clinical data science platform designed to streamline the rapid generation of deep insights from clinical trial data, enabling efficient delivery of crucial analyses.

  • Prioritize data management that adheres to FAIR principles — findable, accessible, interoperable, and reusable — to gain operational insights that enable quick decisions and ensure participant well-being.

  • To develop and execute a successful clinical strategy, trial sponsors must be able to rapidly acquire detailed data insights. Learn how you can better utilize your trial data and achieve greater insights.

  • Read on as authors explore accessing real-time clinical trial data for proactive study management, using adverse event data to enhance safety and performance, and tools to improve design.

  • Learn how to create a system based on connectivity and automation, aggregated and usable data, flexible analysis, and methods of collaborative data review by centralizing analysis and communications.

  • To achieve drug approval, trials must collect, combine, and analyze diverse data sets that support operational, safety review, risk management, and other analyses crucial to development.

  • In a recent webinar, experts from Revvity Signals Software explored how solutions like its Spotfire platform enable better, more streamlined clinical studies.

  • See how the right data visualization tool can help medical monitors tailor and improve their data review processes and enhance their ability to identify safety signals both quickly and surely.

  • A pharmaceutical company was looking to deploy a software solution for a small R&D group. See how an enterprise-class visualization and analytics platform enabled maximized understanding of research data.

  • See how a top 10 global biopharmaceutical company implemented a single data review system to reduce the time, cost, and risk of running its clinical trials while accelerating the time to market.

  • Master how a single, integrated data analytics and visualization platform, supported by an experienced partner, can help you move your investigational product to market more quickly.

  • Reasoning for physician monitors’ reluctance, and what technology needs to offer to convince monitors their work can be more efficient: quickly detecting safety signals and speeding time to submission.

  • Learn about the challenges for Sponsors and CROs when integrating a vast array of data sources, typical relational database structures and why they don’t work for clinical analytics, as well as the ideal clinical data aggregation solutions for continuous, automatic data consolidation.

  • To enable the completion of clinical trials as safely, efficiently, and quickly as possible, Revvity Signals Software’s clinical solutions streamline trial data visualization and analysis with real-time access to data in all phases of development.

  • How to identify, hire, and empower a modern medical monitor to help your next study proceed toward submission more productively, and with greater data integrity, than ever before.

  • In this interview, Jennifer Prichard, MD, Medical Monitor at Atlantic Research Group, and Hunter Walker, CTO at Atlantic Research Group (a CRO) will discuss challenges with existing medical monitoring processes, and how new technologies can help improve efficiency.

  • The data landscape for clinical operations is complex and comprised of many disparate sources, so a data agnostic solution is essential for full access and visibility into the data. Without an intuitive visual analytics tool, it becomes impossible to navigate data hierarchies and gain meaningful insights into the data.

  • Insights from medical monitors about the obstacles they face and their impact on the overall study conduct, operational efficiency, and most importantly, subject safety.

  • Learn how Revvity Signals Software clinical solutions give clinical operations organizations the unprecedented ability to reduce the time, cost and risk of running clinical trials while accelerating the time to market for products across the entire portfolio of clinical candidates.

  • The adoption of RBM is increasing as companies provide greater management support, staff training and more sophisticated technology systems. Technology platforms that enable continuous monitoring with near real-time intuitive visualizations, analytic dashboards and applications will allow issues to be identified and addressed early, improving study safety and efficiency.