Clinical Technologies Solutions

  1. goBalto Select

    With inconsistent site profile and performance information spread across various systems finding and enrolling qualified sites has become a manual, complicated and lengthy process.

  2. goBalto Analyze

    Communication and transparency are required to move a clinical trial forward efficiently, but how can you do this when you’re working with multiple external partners all using different systems with inconsistent reporting conventions?

  3. goBalto Activate

    goBalto Activate improves operational efficiencies with real-time monitoring of items on the critical path to ensure key milestones are met.

  4. Real World Data For Safety Surveillance

    UBC has focused on drug safety evaluation with RWD for more than 15 years and is aligned with FDA’s Sentinel Initiative. UBC’s safety scientists and epidemiologists provide comprehensive and customized RWD solutions to evaluate the safety of your marketed products.

  5. Real World Evidence

    Implementing an enterprise-wide Real World Evidence strategy is essential to meet the growing demands of regulators, patients, healthcare providers and payers to support approval, treatment decisions and reimbursement. Fluency in evidence-generation combined with operational expertise in RWE are crucial for capitalizing on the potential RWE has to offer.

  6. Patient Focused, Data Empowered, Delivery Driven

    Biorasi solves the problem of patient access and engagement with data empowered insights and operational excellence, delivering faster, higher quality trials.

  7. ClinCard Tax Toolkit

    ClinCard's Tax Toolkit supports research sites and sponsors in remaining IRS Tax compliant while maintaining confidentiality and privacy.

  8. Real-Time Data. Real-World Impact.

    Up to 60% of clinical development time and 40% of cost are spent on patient recruitment. Data can help, but simply accessing more data only muddies your decision making. With Covance, you get the right analysis on the right data to empower your studies. Recruit eligible patients that fit your protocol faster, identify and secure proven and/or new sites, forecast and measure progress more efficiently. With Covance’s proprietary data, your program hits its mark.

  9. The Worst Case Scenario Survival Handbook For IRT Users

    New-generation IRT systems go beyond the fundamentals of randomization and drug supply to offer more functionality, visibility, flexibility and quality. Today’s advanced systems allow sponsors to fully control materials management, site and patient interactions, dosing scenarios, and treatment schedules down to individual patient and material unit levels. The IRT Worst Case Scenario Survival Handbook was built from YPrime’s knowledge gained, lessons learned, and creative solutions used to overcome study challenges and keep projects on track, no matter what.

  10. YPrime IRT+

    YPrime’s IRT+ goes beyond traditional IRT capabilities of patient randomization and drug supply management with control and a real-time view into critical functions and flows of a clinical trial - involving patient interactions, site activities and clinical supply management.