Clinical Technologies Solutions

  1. Commercialization And Outcomes

    ICON Commercialization & Outcomes (ICO) optimizes the value of drugs and medical devices through innovative strategies and tactics that reflect evolving evidentiary, regulatory, and reimbursement requirements.

  2. ClinCard Brochure

    ClinCard is designed to optimize clinical trial performance by improving patient engagement and retention and eliminating the administrative burdens that can distract from research execution.

  3. ClinCard

    With more than 5 million payments, ClinCard is the industry-leading method for automated participant payments, delivering unmatched simplicity, security, and global reach.

  4. eClinicalGPS

    eClinicalGPS is a clinical trial financial technology built to transform site payment activity to be a strategic, powerful, and dynamic operation that delivers clarity and control.

  5. Optimizing Your Supply Chain Management

    How a powerful forecasting and demand planning technology for managing the end-to-end clinical supply chain can quickly simulate the most common scenarios for each step of your study, create a study baseline and forecast randomization into different dosing groups.

  6. Reinvent Clinical Research With The Leading Unified Platform And Intelligent Data Analytics

    One platform for data managers, clinical operations, investigators, and patients to accelerate the science and business of research.

  7. Product Safety

    WCG offers the only global safety reporting solution and PV services that have been demonstrated to increase compliance and improve patient safety, while reducing cost and streamlining operations.

  8. Risk-Based Monitoring Datasheet

    With Algorics, a leader in cloud-based analytics solutions, iMedNet delivers a powerful data aggregation, visualization and analytics platform that drives actionable knowledge in real-time.

  9. Report Manager Datasheet

    Timely access to clinical trial data is critical for effective trial management. With iMedNet’s comprehensive reporting tool, simple to complex reporting requirements and outputs can be easily achieved from anywhere at any time.

  10. Partner Program Datasheet

    Since 2001 MedNet Solutions’ eClinical technology platforms have been deployed worldwide to support the clinical research initiatives of its global CRO partners – from pre-clinical through phase IV studies – across medical device, pharma, biotech, and animal trials.