White Paper

Losing Everything: Are Chart Recorders Enough?

Source: ELPRO
clean room monitoring

Perhaps, unfortunately, this scenario is all too familiar: You arrive at work on Monday morning and hear an alarm sounding from your refrigerator. You walk over to your fridge to check the chart recorder and see abnormal spikes on the paper graph, but a detailed analysis by quality control personnel is required to take any action whatsoever. You find out that the chart doesn’t show enough data for a quality-based decision, so the product inside has to be discarded. Panic sets in. The monetary value of the supplies pales in comparison to the fact that patients today are relying on the medicine inside.

In the event of an excursion, do you know if your product is still acceptable? Or maybe you were performing a critical study and now may have lost days worth of time and data. This scenario is very real and very costly for many facilities – hospitals, pharmacies, food manufactures, pharmaceutical companies, biotech – the list goes on. However, the good news is that this is preventable!