Newsletter | November 18, 2022

11.18.22 -- RWE Advanced Diagnostics Propel Better Patient Outcomes


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Clinical Data Management & Analytics
RWE And Advanced Diagnostics Propel Better Patient Outcomes

Notable diagnostic advancements in data science and the scientific community’s ability to use analytic tools are playing an essential role in improving patient outcomes.

Big Data Unlocks The Value Of Your Clinical Trial Data And Content

Today, clinical trials are accommodating an incredible variety of data and content sources. This data explosion brings new and transformative opportunities but it also comes with additional risks. Learn why.

Ultra-Deep Sequencing Data From A Liquid Biopsy Proficiency Study

With the rapid adoption of circulating tumor DNA (ctDNA) sequencing in precision oncology, learn why it is critical to understand the analytical validity and technical limitations of this cutting-edge and medical-practice-changing technology.

Can Data Sharing Make The World A Better Place?

Can data sharing make the world a better place? Biorasi's Few & Far Between podcast welcomes Gadi Lachman, president and CEO of TriNetX, to discuss real-world solutions for accessing and refining patient data in the clinical trials industry.

Preparing A New Drug Application (NDA) With A CDISC Conversion

Regulatory submissions are the most critical milestones in clinical research programs. Learn how quality submissions can accelerate time-to-market, maximize research investments, and bring the benefit of new treatments to patients sooner.

Unlock The Full Potential Of Every Trial

Despite serving as the gold standard of clinical evidence, clinical trial data contain only a slice of a trial participant’s health journey. Explore why siloed data artificially limit the breadth of questions clinical researchers can answer.

Overcoming Common Challenges Of Clinical Data Review

Look at some of the main challenges of clinical data review and discuss effective strategies to address these, before explaining how our solutions can be deployed to bring urgently needed therapeutics to patients faster.

How To Ensure Data Quality In A Decentralized Trial?

MRN’s eVRF (e-visit report form) is an electronic form, tailored to match the needs of each clinical trial, used to capture subject and clinical data during the home trial support visit.

Comprehensive Data And Analytics For Cell, Gene, And RNA Therapies

Stay on top of changes in the ever-evolving world of cell and gene therapies and more. Our in-house subject matter experts comb through the data weekly to ensure we provide you with the most current and comprehensive information important to this market.

IQVIA Feasibility

Employing a digital, data-first strategy, IQVIA Feasibility brings together survey data, confidential disclosure agreements (CDAs), and site intelligence data, enabling sponsors to efficiently collect vital information while improving the site experience.

Trial Monitoring
Fixing The Patient Data Collection Process To Solve Bias In Precision Medicine

A big problem in personalized medicine is that existing data overwhelmingly represent people of European descent, so a machine learning model built on such data sets can be fundamentally biased. However, it is often the data — not the algorithms — that are the root cause of the issues. These authors decided to look into fixing the processes that collect the data.

Leveraging eSource As A Study Manager For Remote Monitoring

Despite the myriad of additional issues caused by COVID-19, explore how a study team’s efficiency dramatically increased with remote monitoring.

elluminate Risk-Based Quality Management

Proactively manage your trials with a centralized platform for data-driven risk assessment and oversight.