Newsletter | November 21, 2022

11.21.22 -- Sanofi Reshapes Patient Experience With Digital Technologies


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Clinical Sites
What Your Sites Love And Hate About DCTs

For years, sponsor companies have had access to new and emerging technologies that would ease the participation burden of patients in clinical trials. While these emerging technologies helped sponsor companies keep their trials on track, they have also been a burden for the clinical sites having to deal with the changes required to keep up with them. Do you know where your sites stand on the adoption of hybrid trials and DCTs?

How Sites And Sponsors Can Collaborate For Smooth Site Feasibility

This article breaks down what sites and sponsors need from site feasibility and how a unified site-sponsor platform can address these needs and improve collaboration. 

Reducing Study Team Burden With Shorter Training

The time and energy needed for training is among the many drains that researchers complain about, and the one that clinical trial sponsors have the greatest control over.

Clinical Genomics Laboratory Services

Watch this video to learn more about Q2 Solutions' genomics laboratory capabilities and follow the journey of a sample from accessioning to data analysis and delivery.

Patient Centricity
Sanofi Reshapes Patient Experience With Digital Technologies

Sanofi has adopted a Patient Informed Research And Development model within the organization. The goal of the model is to work with patients, patient groups, and patient communities to understand the concerns of patients and ensure those voices are heard throughout the company. In this Clinical Leader Live, two clinical executives from Sanofi join chief editor, Ed Miseta, to discuss the new R&D model, the company’s attempts to make its trials more patient-centric, and how digital technologies and devices are helping to create a better trial experience for patients.

How A Pandemic Pushed The Gas Pedal On Patient Centricity In Trials

Discover why clinical trials are quickly becoming more participant-friendly (and more provider-friendly) through the broader adoption of digital technologies.

Oncobay Relies On Medrio ePRO And EDC For Easier, Cleaner Data

What makes a clinical trials software provider a good fit? How do you make the decision to use a particular electronic data capture (EDC) system or electronic patient reported outcome (ePRO) solution? Learn how the answers are different for every sponsor and contract research organization (CRO).

The Patient Voice In Decentralized Trials

Listen to the voice of a patient explain the effects of participating in a decentralized clinical trial and how this impacted his life going forward.

Webinar: Optimizing Clinical Supply Chain Management

The complexity of today’s clinical trials creates logistical challenges for clinical operations teams that result in a variety of problems. In this webinar, clinical operations teams, project managers, and clinical research coordinators will learn best practices to optimize clinical supply chain management. Click here to learn more.

Patient Recruitment
How — And Why — To Embrace Intersectionality In Clinical Trials

Intersectionality is the framework for how a person’s relationships, identities, interactions, and interdependencies can create different advantages and disadvantages. In order to fully embrace intersectionality and make meaningful impacts in clinical trial recruitment of diverse populations, the entire journey of the patient must be realized every step of the way.

Global Pharma Chooses Eastern Europe For Clinical Research

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) published its Novel Drug Approvals Report for 2021. Thirty-three out of 50 drugs underwent clinical trials in Eastern Europe. Read the annual Industry Pages report from an Eastern European CRO to find out why global pharma considers the region as the best destination for their clinical research activities.

How To Use Direct Patient Feedback To Improve Clinical Trial Engagement

Discover patient and public perceptions, and how the industry is evolving to deliver an improved clinical trial participant experience.

Move The Needle On Clinical Research
With PCM Trials, our experienced certified mobile research nurses (CMRNs) travel directly to your trial participants, wherever they may be ― at home, work, school, care center, vacation, anywhere. PCM can adapt with your study design.