Newsletter | March 14, 2023

03.14.23 -- Top Pharma Continues To Choose A Unified Platform Approach In 2023

DCT Building Blocks: How To Create A Seamless Experience Across eConsent, eCOA, And More

With more than 76% of sponsors seeking to implement decentralized solutions this year, there’s never been more attention given to decentralized clinical trials. Discover why DCTs must take a unified approach to alleviate burdens for patients and sites, drive cost savings, and realize efficiencies.

You Don’t Have To Digitize Everything, You Just Have To Start

While some DCTs are almost fully remote, the majority still employ a hybrid model, opting to implement only those digital components that make sense for a given study, whether that’s recruitment and screening, consent, data capture, patient monitoring, data analysis, or some combination of these.

Accelerate Recruitment And Reduce Timelines With A Unified Framework

Learn how and why unified platforms are delivering better patient access and shortening trial timelines in a webinar featuring Gillian Livock, SVP and GM executive management at Medable, Michael Howell, Ph.D., chief scientific officer at DermTech, and Musaddiq (Muz) Khan, vice president of therapeutic area solutions and customer value team at Medable.

How An Integrated Platform Approach Can Deliver Up To 13x ROI

More than a decade ago, sponsors began deploying virtual and remote solutions to support clinical trial execution. Understand why and how a decentralized clinical model can drive greater savings over time than traditional trials in this Tufts CSDD Impact Report.

PEAK Matrix® For Decentralized Clinical Trial Platforms Provider 2023

Explore how technological advancements, innovative business models, increased wearables support, the FDA’s push to the industry to adopt DCTs, and a holistic approach to clinical trials have proliferated the DCT landscape.

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