Newsletter | May 26, 2023

05.26.23 -- Data Collection & Management Considerations For Decentralized Trials

Trial Monitoring
Three Barriers Preventing Clinical Trial Innovation

Learn about the three deeply ingrained institutional barriers that appear to be at work when it comes to the clinical research industry moving toward innovative solutions.

A New Way Forward With The elluminate Clinical Data Cloud

Discover ways that the elluminate Data Central workbench helps data management unify all data sources into a single source of truth.

Solving Inefficiencies With Real-Time Data-Driven Clinical Software

Keep clinical trials running smoothly and minimize workflow errors with DSG’s unified eCaseLink platform.

Clinical Data Management & Analytics
Understanding Data Collection And Management In Decentralized Clinical Trials (DCTs)

When it comes to wading into the muddy waters of a DCT, it's important to specify the risks up front and determine how decentralization is appropriate for each protocol. From a data collection and management standpoint, there is plenty to consider in terms of data flow management through multiple sources and systems.

5 Reasons Your Company Needs A CDM Consultant

Explore how clinical data management consultants can help overcome challenges in managing large amounts of data and ensuring compliance with regulations, especially when lacking in-house expertise.

What Do Biostatisticians Think Of The ICH E9(R1) Addendum?

Gain insights from Kristina Bondareva, head of biostatistics at OCT Clinical, on the significance of the addendum and the importance of adopting the estimand framework in clinical trials.

How Automated Data Capture Is Reducing Clinical Trial Researcher Burnout

Read about the benefits of automated data capture for clinical trial researchers and how teams are getting the help they need amidst added pandemic and protocol stress.

Professional Annotation For Better AI In Life Sciences

Discover how the industry has begun leveraging the full potential of its data reserves with the help of artificial intelligence and machine learning.

Improve Workflows With PerkinElmer Signals Line Listing Review

Signals Line Listing Review enables clinical study teams to review, query, and track the status of their line listings in a collaborative, centralized, and scalable environment.

Best Practices For Enhancing Data Quality And Management

Built for clinical data management professionals, this data quality management workbench provides a multilayered approach to ensure quality and facilitate management activities.

Mission Impossible: Ensure All Your Clinical Data End Up In SDTM With A Full Audit Trail. Mission Accomplished!

Live Online  |  Wednesday, May 31, 2023  |  9:00 a.m. EST

Join Bioforum's Tanya du Plessis and Bremer Louw on May 31, 2023, as they look at an innovative approach to solving two major challenges facing SDTM: ensuring all clinical data end up in SDTM and showing an audit trail of all SDTM data transformations. In addition, speakers will cover a programming methodology to produce data completeness metrics and an audit trail when implemented in your organization. As a bonus, attendees will get access to free downable SAS code that demonstrates how the methodology works. Click here to learn more.

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