Newsletter | February 20, 2023

02.20.23 -- Forget The "Perfect Patient": Tips To Achieve Diverse Recruitment

Patient Recruitment
Gaining Trust, Giving Support, And Forgetting The “Perfect Patient”: Ways To Achieve Diverse Clinical Trial Recruitment

Forget the "perfect patient" and find the right patient. Pandy Opima, M.D., director study leader, Early Oncology R&D, at AstraZeneca, presents ways to truly achieve clinical trial diversity.

How To Efficiently Recruit The Right Patients For Your Next DTx Study

In order to capture the proper data points within an applicable study setting among a representative patient population, learn why appropriate patient recruitment strategies and execution are crucial. 

7 Industry Leaders Weigh In On Patient Engagement And Recruitment

Gain insight from leaders representing unique facets of the clinical trial ecosystem. See what they have to say about stakeholder relationships, diversity in clinical trials, smoothing the path to treatment options, the importance of transparency, and more.

Patient Recruitment And Site Selection

Novotech relies on years of experience, in-country knowledge, and real-life Big Data to identify and propose the best-performing sites for your study.

Clinical Sites
Latin America's Landscape For Medtech Clinical Trials

This article examines the need to conduct medtech clinical trials outside the U.S. and explores the growth of these trials in Latin America, particularly in Colombia and Paraguay. It also addresses critical success factors and provides recommendations to ensure cost-effective, ethical, and quality EFS and FIH medtech clinical trials in the region.

SaaS-Based Feasibility And Site Selection For Clinical Trials

Sponsors need a data-driven way to validate assumptions and make the right decisions throughout study planning, protocol design, country/site scenario planning, and site selection. Learn about the transformation of clinical trial feasibility and site selection across the industry.

Patient Centricity
Faster, Easier, And More Anxiety-Inducing: Are DHTs Harming Patients' Mental Health?

Digital health technology (DHT) filled the communication gap created by physical distance during the pandemic, but have we created more space between participant and provider as we increasingly introduce and rely upon technology?

Making Clinical Research Better For Patients With Patient Centricity By Design

Discover why many sponsors struggle to design and conduct studies that accommodate the perspectives and preferences of patients and caregivers.

Increasing Site And Patient Convenience For Oncology Clinical Trials

According to an ACSCAN report, out of all potential qualifying patients for a trial, only 44% of them have access to an available trial, only 27% are eligible for the trial, and only 8% are able to successfully enroll. Explore some of the obstacles facing oncology research, as well as innovation opportunities that transform the way sites, sponsors, and CROs interact.

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