Newsletter | November 23, 2022

11.23.22 -- From eTMF To Decentralized Trial Solutions - Clinical Trial Software And Services

Clinical Data Review Analytics Solution

The PerkinElmer Clinical Data Review Solution provides the most effective way to perform instream review of study data, empowering clinical development teams to make smarter decisions faster.

Move The Needle On Clinical Research

With PCM Trials, our experienced Certified Mobile Research Nurses (CMRNs) travel directly to your trial participants, wherever they may be—at home, work, school, care center, vacation, anywhere. PCM can adapt with your study design.

Setting New Standards For Performance Measurement In Decentralized Trials

This report will discuss an approach to study performance monitoring, in particular the ability to track study performance in real-time combined with the use of advanced predictive analytics.

Switching From Quickbooks To Netsuite: How Scholar Rock Is Building For The Future

Biotech company Scholar Rock was looking for a solution that would meet all their growing needs while remaining agile in the fast-paced world. Their Quickbooks solution was hitting the limits of what it could do and they turned to Sikich and NetSuite to build out a solution that will take them far into the future.

Philips Pharma Solutions: More Than 30 Years Of Oncology Imaging Expertise

Philips Pharma Solutions, formerly BioTel Research, offers global site, data, and project management for clinical trials in phases 1-4. We offer a wide range of imaging techniques and response criteria across a host of therapeutic areas.

Avance Clinical Customer Success Story

Avance Clinical provides an efficient and compliant system in clinical trials with broader PV services by selecting Oracle Argus.

Global Biotech Improves Clinical Trial Patient Recruitment With Digital Matching

A global biotech initiated a phase III study for severe allergic asthma. Study protocol originally accounted for enrolling 222 patients across nine UK-based investigator sites. After deploying traditional recruitment methods, the sponsor only managed to randomize 20% of the target patient population in 11 months. By partnering with a solution provider they were able to get patient recruitment back on track and meet enrollment targets faster, which would not have been possible with a traditional recruitment approach.

Empower Patients To Make Informed Decisions

YPrime’s eConsent platform and patient-centered approach ensures better comprehension of complex information, accelerates enrollment and screening, and improves patient engagement.

ePremier Study Start-Up: Where A Successful Trial Launch Begins

Industry-wide, spreadsheets have long been the go-to method for tracking clinical trial start-up. Premier Research developed the Premier One Ecosystem to create a paperless, electronic data process, start to finish. Watch this video to see how the Study Start-Up application delivers fast, efficient, and accurate trial management.

Remarque Systems Clinical Trial Management System

Remarque Systems CTMS makes monitoring sites easier through an intuitive interface designed with Clinical Research Associates (CRAs) in mind.

Boring Is Better With Slope

An eClinical Supply Chain Management platform can help sponsors and research sites reduce risk, increase patient retention, and have an overall more successful clinical trial.

Veeva Clinical Database

Veeva Clinical Database (CDB) is a clinical data platform that centralizes and automates data aggregation, cleaning, and management for clinical trials.

Create Easily Understandable Summaries Of Results For Every Trial

Explore TransPerfect's total package for plain language summaries: writing, quality control, graphic design, patient advocacy, translations, and dissemination.

Closing The "Compliance Gap" In TMF Archiving

Discover how organizations are crossing this “compliance gap” with PhlexTMF for Viewing, an easily accessible TMF archive for internal use, audits, and inspections.