Newsletter | February 17, 2023

02.17.23 -- One Surprising Reason Wearables Stalled A Clinical Trial

Trial Monitoring
One Surprising Reason Wearables Stalled A Clinical Trial

Clinical trial technologies have been innovated and introduced into clinical research with the hope of making trials quicker, easier, and more accurate — for all parties involved. But what happens when the approach isn’t as patient-centric as intended? Janssen Clinical Innovation’s Bert Hartog describes how using one particular wearable nearly derailed a study.

Pharmaceutical Medical Information Requests Drive Patient Safety

When patients couldn't reach their physicians during the pandemic, they turned to pharma companies for information, signaling an evolution in the engagement between consumers and healthcare brands.

Comparator Sourcing: Approaches, Considerations, And Impacts

Pharmaceutical companies face a number of challenges when sourcing comparator compounds for clinical trials. Review how clinical trial sponsors can determine the best strategy to meet these challenges.

Cardiac Monitoring Device Portfolio For Clinical Trials

Philips Pharma Solutions offers a comprehensive portfolio of cardiac monitoring devices, including both site-based equipment and patient-centric at-home devices for decentralized approaches to cardiac safety monitoring in clinical trials.

Clinical Data Management & Analytics
Regulatory Information Management (RIM): What Lies Ahead?

Life sciences companies are getting more strategic and ambitious about regulatory information management (RIM). This article shares four key findings from an industry survey and insights for moving ahead in today's world, including a look at advanced technology's role.

The State Of Automation, AI, And Data In Life Sciences

Companies need to speed up their current development cycle, yet there are automation gaps across the drug development life cycle.

Maximizing Clinical Data Insights With Advanced Analytics Platforms

To achieve drug approval, trials must collect, combine, and analyze diverse data sets that support operational, safety review, risk management, and other analyses crucial to development.

Unlocking New Insights By Connecting Patient-Level Clinical Data To RWD

Discover data linkage: a cutting-edge innovation that unlocks a new frontier of enhanced evidence generation by linking clinical trial data and real-world data at the patient level.

Maximizing Efficiency In Data Management Services In A Breast Cancer Study

Learn how database validation, database lock, and the development of the electronic CRF were used in a HER2-positive operable breast cancer study.

How Does Engineering Make Clinical Research More Accessible?

How does engineering make clinical research more accessible? Biorasi's Few & Far Between podcast welcomes Jamie Heywood, biotech engineer and entrepreneur, to discuss how engineering can help the world live well and vibrantly.

Safeguarding Trial Data Privacy In Remote Environments

As clinical trial sponsors and CROs digitally transform themselves to better serve a post-pandemic world, learn why a primary focus is on how to safely transfer information among remote environments to keep trial data confidential and compliant.

Robust, Scalable Analytics To Develop Digital Biomarkers

Clinical ink offers a best-in-class analytics platform to support the development and evaluation of digital biomarkers in clinical trials. 

How Can You Transform Clinical Trial Development?

Is siloed, lagging data slowing down your trial analyses and reporting? Step forward with Encapsia and turn data into knowledge in real time.


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