Newsletter | March 13, 2023

03.13.23 -- Pfizer Exec On Pharma's Role In Improving Health Literacy

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Patient Recruitment
How Can Clinical Research Better Navigate Healthcare Deserts?

Large swaths of the U.S. remain healthcare deserts, where access to clinical sites, pharmacies, and hospitals is limited. This contributes to underrepresentation in clinical research. What are the roles of technology and community outreach, and what are some current industry efforts to address it?

The Surprising Path To The Future Of Diagnostic Clinical Trials

In recent years, there has been a significant increase in patient demand for early-detection diagnostic modalities within healthcare. Discover how this increase promotes a proactive versus reactive approach to medicine — something that can drive improved patient outcomes.

Reduce Enrollment Risk And Efficiently Meet Global Clinical Trial Timelines

Trialbee is the leading enrollment performance company that empowers clinical researchers to reduce risk, efficiently meet global clinical trial timelines, provide a patient-centric recruitment journey, and lower site burden using a patient matching and an analytics-driven enrollment platform that is driven by data science.

Clinical Sites
Sites Look To Unravel The Tech Tangle Of DCTs

Decentralized clinical trials and all their elements are touted as flexible options for patients. But what about the sites carrying them out? Jimmy Bechtel of the Society for Clinical Research Sites (SCRS) says sites are looking for clarity and consistency when it comes to the tech being thrust upon them by sponsors and CROs.

How Sites And Sponsors Can Collaborate For A Smooth Site Feasibility Process

Learn what sites and sponsors need from site feasibility and how a unified site-sponsor platform can address these needs and improve collaboration. 

Is Your CRO’s 2023 Growth Limited By These Four Myths?

Review what CROs can do to leverage eClinical technology and more effectively differentiate themselves in the crowded marketplace, as well as how they can provide sponsors with better clinical trial support.

Patient Centricity
Improving Health Literacy: Breaking Barriers To Quality Cancer Care

Cancer care often revolves around what’s new, from the latest methods to detect and diagnose cancer to groundbreaking treatments. But an old challenge persists: Limited health literacy can stand between patients and breakthrough treatments. Pfizer's Dany Habr discusses ways to improve patient literacy across multiple channels.

Cancer Patients: Understanding Disease Burdens And Need For An Individualized Approach

Understand how cancer patients can teach healthcare providers and industry stakeholders to resolve disparities related to cultural differences, individual preferences, and more, to add value to research studies.

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