Newsletter | February 6, 2023

02.06.23 -- Raising Minority Enrollment With Creativity & Collaboration


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Patient Centricity
Why Sanofi Became A Patient-Centered R&D Organization

Sanofi has adopted a patient informed research and development model to work with patients, patient groups, and patient communities, in order to understand the concerns of patients and ensure those voices are heard throughout the company. In this video, Ed Miseta, Clinical Leader's chief editor, and Victoria DiBiaso, global head, patient informed development and health value translation at Sanofi, discuss the thinking behind the creation of this model.

The Digital Future Is Now

Discover best practices, and see real examples, of how to successfully drive the transformation of clinical development to get higher patient engagement and retention using digital technologies.

How Researchers Can Cultivate Authentic Relationships With Patients

Discuss how industries and organizations can come together with patients and patient advocate groups to foster better patient inclusion and participation in clinical trials.

Patient Recruitment
Raising Minority Enrollment With Creativity And Collaboration

With all the focus on patient diversity, are we actually seeing more diverse clinical trials? The answer might surprise you. Hear from Van R. Johnson as he shares meaningful and personal insights to help increase minority enrollment in clinical trials.

Increasing Diversity In Clinical Trials: 3 Steps For Sponsors

The FDA recommends that sponsors develop a plan to outline the operational measures that will be implemented. Delve into why this plan should include a “specific plan of action to enroll and retain diverse participants.”

Trialbee Honey: The Leading Enrollment Performance Platform

Trialbee Honey is a software platform that offers patients a simple journey into the study, reduces site burden through highly matched patient referrals, and empowers study teams to successfully manage enrollment performance.

Clinical Sites
DCTs And Sites: What Sponsors Need To Know

Where do your sites stand on decentralized trials (DCTs)? Do they fully understand what they are and how they will impact the financial landscape? Are they a blessing or a curse to site personnel? In this Clinical Leader Live, chief editor Ed Miseta sits down with three site experts to discuss the pain points of DCTs, including costs, budgeting, training, support, staffing, resources, and more.

Study Start-Up Shouldn’t Slow Your Trials Down

You’re responsible for driving trial timelines during the study start-up phase of any clinical trial. Learn how Florence SiteLink creates a digital link between you and your sites.