Newsletter | March 8, 2023

03.08.23 -- Walgreens Exec: "Optionality" Is The Way Forward For Hybrid Trials

eRegulatory And eSource Capability Checklist

Avoid complications and headaches when implementing an eRegulatory and eSource solution. Every platform is unique; however, there are essential assets you need to fully reap the benefits of a centralized, purpose-built solution. This checklist is designed to give you the tools you need to ask the right questions about potential eRegulatory solutions.

Trial Management
The Holistic Guide To Supply Chain For Cell And Gene Therapy Startups

How does the cell and gene therapy supply chain team stay ahead of the expected changes and respond at the speed the developing program expects? Supplier selection, raw materials, built-in quality, warehousing and logistics, and traceability are all covered in this article.

Decentralized Clinical Trials: Balancing Patient And Site Needs

When it comes to decentralized clinical trials, explore why sponsors and research sites might need to look more closely at their specific patient cohorts when determining what individuals they truly need.

From Protocol To Pill: A Roadmap For Early Planning
Emerging biotech companies now face multiple hurdles — from compressed timelines and choosing the right biomarkers, to transparency throughout the investigational new drug application. Gain insight into tackling these potential challenges during the clinical trial process.
5 Ways To Recession-Proof Your Life Sciences Business
The prognosis for the possibility of a recession — and what kind of impact it might have on life sciences companies — offers reasons to be cautious, and also to be hopeful.
New Is Risky. Start With A Free Feasibility Report.

The OCT Clinical team is very particular about its approach to delivering seamless clinical trial conduct. Get a free preliminary evaluation of your protocol design from a leading CRO in Eastern Europe.

Advancements In Oncology Imaging For Clinical Trials: An Interview With Industry Expert Dr. Ed Ashton

The vice president of oncology at Philips Pharma Solutions (formerly BioTel Research), Dr. Ed Ashton, addresses the many different facets of oncology imaging techniques in clinical trials. 

Decentralized Trials
Walgreens Sees “Optionality,” Or Flexible Participation, As The Way Forward With Hybrid Trials
Walgreens head of decentralized clinical trials, John Campbell, believes clinical trials will one day allow patients to choose when and where they will participate in a clinical trial. Campbell contends true patient centricity would allow patients to pick whether they’re seen at home, at a site, at a pharmacy, or any combination of locations.
Balancing Clinical Care With Digital Utility In Decentralized Clinical Trials

To create an effective DCT, tools and methods must be considered within the context of challenges faced by the clinical trial’s patients, physicians, and sites.

Clinical Trial Data Management In The Post-COVID Era

Accelerated by pandemic restrictions, discover how the shift to decentralized or hybrid clinical trials is expanding the scope of drug development at multiple levels.

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