Newsletter | March 6, 2023

03.06.23 -- Are DCTs Saving Sites Money? [Video]

The Surprising Way You Can Enroll More Women In Your Study

Gender diversity is still a problem in clinical research. How can you enroll more women in your study to ensure your product safely serves all genders? Bring your study to them.

Clinical Sites
Are Clinical Sites Seeing Cost Reductions As A Result Of DCTs?

In this short video, Karri Venn, COO, president, and chair of the operating board at Centricity Research, and Brad Hightower, CEO of Hightower Clinical, discuss the cost benefits of DCTs and what sites are seeing in terms of expense reductions.

Shared Investigator Platform Simplifies Collaboration Between Sites And Sponsors

Cognizant SIP helps reduce many of the redundant tasks associated with site selection and qualification. Learn how the platform is enabling teams to work with sponsors in a central workspace.

Patient Centricity
Pediatric Patient Voices Influence Changes In Osteosarcoma Clinical Trials

Clinical research has long told patients what they need rather than asking. This has been especially true for treatment involving children. And while doctors are experts in how to treat a disease, patients are experts in how they feel. Thankfully, pediatric patients’ voices are now being heard, thanks in part to MIB Agents and its Junior Advisory Board.

Why Pairing DCTs With Pharmacies Results In Better Participant Access

A lack of access, awareness, and trust has caused an extreme lack of inclusivity in medical science. Discover a path forward for the industry that addresses diversity challenges using a combination of local pharmacy access and decentralized trial technologies.

Patient Recruitment
How Africa Can Help Reverse Underrepresentation In Clinical Trials

In the U.S., 13% of the population is Black, yet only 5% are represented in clinical trials. Historical knowledge tells us a similar disparity exists globally for African representation in clinical trials. Tina Barton, COO of eMQT Ltd., declares now as the time to overcome fears and hesitations to bring more clinical trials to Sub-Saharan Africa.

Trial Participant Retention: Maintaining Adherence, Minimizing Dropout

Patient participation is essential in clinical trials, but it is also one of the most challenging parts of running a successful study. Unearth several ways to maintain patient adherence, as well as how to identify and address dropout risks.

Five Strategies For Differentiating Trials In A Competitive Research Environment

Recruiting for rare disease trials has become even more challenging in recent years due to increasing competition in the clinical research environment. Delve into key challenges and explore strategies for differentiating trials in today’s competitive landscape.

Disrupt Study Enrollment: Patient-Centered Tech Approaches To Recruitment

Clinical trial recruitment and enrollment is an area ripe for disruption. The recruitment process has been, and, in many cases, continues to be, inefficient. Review these challenges with Martin Kilsgard and Matt Walz in a discussion moderated by Gaynor Anders.

Widen The Trial Recruitment Funnel, Streamline Engagement And Enrollment

In the life sciences industry, clinical trials are still failing to meet enrollment goals. Discover how sponsors are working to improve recruitment, engagement, and enrollment across countries and therapeutic areas without sacrificing precision.

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