Newsletter | January 23, 2023

01.23.23 -- Clinical Sites Are Optimistic, Despite Growing Challenges


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Clinical Sites
Clinical Sites Are Optimistic, Despite Growing Challenges

The last few years have not been easy for sites involved with conducting clinical research. The onset of the pandemic in 2020 created numerous challenges, including the implementation of new technologies and operating models, the leveraging of remote staff, and virtual facilities. Despite the ongoing challenges, global sites remain optimistic about the future of clinical trials.

How To Engage Frontier Sites Without Sacrificing Compliance Or Data Integrity

By partnering with frontier sites, discover how sponsors and coordinating centers can make their trials more accessible and patient-centric.

Patient Centricity
How One Pharma Exec Uses Her Father’s Cancer Experience To Better Patients’ Clinical Journeys

Until pharmaceutical executive Christina DiArcangelo's father became a Stage 4 oncology patient, she wasn't wholly aware of the shortcomings of clinical trials. Now, buoyed by personal experience, she's dedicating her professional and personal pursuits to improving the patient experience.

Minimizing Hurdles For Patients During The eConsent Process

The proliferation of both patient-centric and hybrid clinical trials has created a need for more individualized, simplified, accessible processes involving trial participants.

Giving A Voice To Trial Patients With The Participant Feedback Questionnaire

Explore how asking patients about the impact of the study procedures on their day-to-day life is key when it comes to reflecting on future protocols.

Patient Recruitment
Breaking The Socioeconomic Barriers To Clinical Trial Participation

The data are there: Patients with a low socioeconomic status (SES) have a disadvantage when it comes to healthcare. And that's still true when it comes to clinical trial participation. Understanding those barriers and how to break through them is essential to improving enrollment for underserved populations.

Is The Solution To Vaccine Hesitancy Right In Front Of Us?

There is no question that vaccine hesitancy is dangerous. But how can we combat it? To answer this question, understand why people are so reluctant to get vaccines.

Your Oncology CRO Dilemma Solved

OCT Oncology is your go-to solution from a leading Eastern European CRO to ensure timely enrollment and study success.

Speed Your Clinical Trial By Transforming Your Patient Recruitment

IQVIA Direct-to-Patient Recruitment offers a recruitment strategy that eliminates obstacles that add time, cost, and uncertainty to current recruiting efforts.