Newsletter | November 15, 2022

11.15.22 -- Needed: An AI Revolution In Rare Disease Trials


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Clinical Trial Technology
Needed: An AI Revolution In The Rare Disease Space

Quris has developed a treatment for Fragile-X syndrome, the most common inherited cause of autism and intellectual disabilities worldwide. Isaac Bentwich, M.D., the founder and CEO of Quris, believes the rare disease space, in general, is a difficult one to navigate.

Employee Experience As Your Competitive Advantage

This blog seeks to answer the question: how can team members be supported during key moments of their employee journeys, those moments that matter most to them, before they even have to ask?

The False Economy Of Paper Diaries In Clinical Trials

Paper diaries may appear cheaper, but there are hidden costs that make a digital eCOA solution much more affordable in your clinical trial.

Hassle-Free Imaging In Clinical Trials

In this white paper, consider how far the field of imaging has recently come, as well as the latest innovations, and what lies ahead.

Keys To Unblocking The Innovation Bottleneck In Research

Despite the fast pace of medical innovation, the lack of consistency between technology systems managing these advancements ultimately inhibits research progress. Find out more in this blog.

CentrePoint Wearable Technology For Clinical Trials

In this brochure, read how wearable motion-sensing technology has been used for drug development research.

ePRO: The Patient Preferred Method Of Data Collection

ePRO has proven to increase compliance, reduce patient burden, and, with Medrio’s seamless EDC integration, you can be sure your data is more accurate, complete, and secure.

Phlexglobal Expert TMF Services

As the industry leader in trial master file best practices, Phlexglobal understands the reasons why some companies fail inspections and why others consistently do well. Customers place their trust in Phlexglobal because of our proven mastery over the TMF-related questions and challenges they face every day.

Deploy eConsent Around The World With Confidence

IQVIA Complete Consent provides an easy, secure way to deliver highly engaging, regulatory compliant electronic consent for trials of all types.

Decentralized Clinical Trials: Clinical One And Medable

Our collaboration makes it easier for life sciences organizations engaged in clinical trials to support better patient access.