Newsletter | February 22, 2023

02.22.23 -- Why Cash-Strapped Companies Should Lean Into DCTs

Trial Management
Donating Surplus Clinical Trial Supplies Drives Pharma Sustainability Success

Some clinical operational professionals think that there's no place for sustainability in their role of conducting clinical trials. However, there is one simple way to implement a sustainability initiative within your organization's clinical trial conduct.

Unlocking The Potential Of Plasma Biomarkers In CNS Trials For Alzheimer's Disease

Discover why scientists have been exploring the use of plasma biomarkers in recent years as a non-invasive and cost-effective diagnostic tool for Alzheimer's disease.

Being Prepared: Business Continuity Planning In The Life Sciences Industry

Business continuity planning (BCP) ahead of the next pandemic or natural disaster is essential to ensure the success of any enterprise, but it's particularly crucial for companies in the life sciences industry.

How To Avoid Delays In Clinical Supply: Strategies For Comparator Sourcing

Learn about the ways in which sponsors can work effectively with clinical suppliers for accurate forecasting and comparator sourcing.

Progress On Modern Approaches For Clinical Trial Design, Execution, And Wider Engagement

As the clinical research ecosystem continues to expand and include the perspectives of research partners, stakeholders, patients, and caregivers, read about why collaboration and connection is essential to future clinical trial success and next-generation medicine.

Comparator Local Sourcing Strategies: Avoiding Pitfalls For Clinical Trials

The growing demand for comparators is causing many supply chain managers to explore available sourcing options. Explore alternative local sourcing strategies, including advantages and disadvantages.

What Are The Four Phases Of Clinical Trials?

Clinical trials studying and evaluating new drugs evolve through a number of different stages known as phases. Learn more about these phases in detail.

Overcoming Unique Challenges In Immune Oncology Trials With Advanced Imaging

This talk will review the history of immunotherapy, discuss a range of approaches currently in the clinic or in development, and explore the unique challenges that these new treatment options present in the clinical trials setting.

Tackling The Complexity Of Pediatric Clinical Trials

Despite the evolution in pediatric legislation and a renewed interest in developing therapeutics for pediatric and rare diseases, pediatric clinical research remains deeply challenging.

Rare Disease Center Of Excellence

Delve into Biorasi's strategy in making the difference in overcoming unique obstacles to rare disease clinical trials.

Functionally Aligned Strategic Team (FAST)

Our FAST program is a subset of our FSP outsourcing model and is designed to maximize efficiency, quality, and value in your R&D efforts.

Decentralized Trials
Why Small, Cash-Strapped Companies Should Lean Into DCTs

Deciding where to allocate funds can be a tricky endeavor for most any company, but it's particularly burdensome for small companies. In a recent conversation on Clinical Leader Live, Elevar Therapeutics' Jennifer Lee explained why these companies might want to take the leap into decentralized trials.

Understanding Roles And Needs Of Stakeholders In Decentralized Trials

One challenge common to all clinical trials is to coordinate the roles and needs of various stakeholders. Understanding these roles and needs is a must.

Avoid Protocol Deviations With Mobile Research Nurses

Protocol deviations can occur in clinical trials conducted at traditional sites as well as in those that employ decentralized clinical trial methods. Find out how mobile research nurses can play a critical role in minimizing these deviations.

Recent Advancements In Glioblastoma Studies

When it comes to glioblastoma, learn why it is important to deliver well-managed trials while also helping sponsors find a treatment for this highly aggressive cancer.

MRN's Decentralized Trial Data Handling

MRN's eVRF (e-visit report form) is an electronic form, tailored to match the needs of each clinical trial, used to capture subject and clinical data during the home trial support visit.

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