• What’s Next In Patient Engagement?

    Patients have an irrefutable role in shaping the care they need. We have come a long way since the days when the idea of involving patients in healthcare product development was controversial, if not unheard of. In recent years, the healthcare ecosystem, and the role patients play in it, has evolved in a promising direction, leading to a much deeper understanding of the impact the patient voice can and should have in healthcare.

  • Trial Return On Engagement: Quantifying Benefits Of Patient-Centric Initiatives

    Return on investment (ROI) is a key metric for business performance, and well-functioning organizations typically bring their stakeholders high ROI.  The “return on” concept can also be applied in measuring how well organizations engage with their customers.


Barbara Lopez Kunz

Barbara Lopez Kunz, M.S., is global chief executive of DIA. She is leading the transformation of DIA through developing and implementing a strategy that focuses on engaging the global healthcare community in DIA’s neutral platform, to drive thought leadership and innovation in the development of therapeutics to improve the health of people worldwide.