• FDA Form 1572 And Non-U.S. Clinical Trials: To Complete Or Not To Complete?

    As Bob Dylan sang many years ago, “For the times they are a-changin,”1 could be the motto of drug development. Regulations, requirements, and enforcement practices have changed, and industry professionals strive to maintain awareness in order to be compliant. As the number of clinical trial site locations outside of the U.S. has increased — driven by untapped populations, faster recruitment, and lower costs,2 — the challenges have added up. Regionally, the required or anticipated documentation and enforcement of those requirements has changed over time. One document that has recently garnered attention is the FDA Form 15723 and specifically its use by non-U.S. investigators.

  • Data Integrity In Clinical Trials: 4 Key Concerns Of The FDA & MHRA

    For the first time ever, GCP collaborations between the FDA and Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) were the focus of a workshop for the drug development industry. In what is projected to be the initial installment in a series, the FDA hosted the MHRA and invited interested individuals to join the workshop “Data Integrity in Global Clinical Trials — Are We There Yet?

  • Edgy Observations On Clinical Site Documentation Management: Leading Or Bleeding?

    For an investigational trial, clinical site documentation encompasses many types of records. These cover every aspect of patient care, policy guidance, and study execution. Not only does the patient medical history and care need to be maintained, but documentation supporting the plan and evidence of execution of a clinical trial must also be managed. This extensive collection of information is always subject to regulatory inspection.

  • FDA Draft Guidance On Electronic Records And Signatures: The Next Chapter

    The FDA has released a Draft Guidance titled Use of Electronic Records and Electronic Signatures in Clinical Investigations Under 21 CFR Part 11 – Questions and Answers. Certainly, the development of this draft guidance was driven by the repetitious questions the FDA has received from industry stakeholders as well as the extensive technology advancements.


Betsy Fallen

Betsy Fallen is an authority on the business processes and associated use of information technology in drug development. A passionate advocate for moving life sciences business online, she is an expert on many areas of drug development, focusing on document management. Trained as an RN, Fallen is dedicated to ensuring the voice of the patient is heard as the drug development process continues the progression toward innovation and efficiency. She can be reached at (610) 716-3271 or