Hadi Danawi

Hadi Danawi

Hadi Danawi, Ph.D., is a professor in global public health and epidemiology. He is actively engaged in industrywide projects relating to remote consulting, higher education (master and doctoral programs in public health/healthcare administration), and clinical trial design and management. Danawi created the Arab Board for Clinical Research to promote diversity and inclusion of Arabs and Arab Americans in clinical research, the use of DCTs, and education and staffing of Arabs and Arab Americans in clinical research.

Danawi has expertise with pharmaco-epidemiology and drug safety/pharmacovigilance with Big Pharma, including outcomes research and RWE. He is passionate about creating positive social change in underserved communities in Africa and the Middle East and so established a not-for-profit organization with chapters in Lebanon and Ghana to provide technical assistance for project implementation, curriculum development, and training of local associates for self-reliance in disease prevention, health services, and family and community health initiatives.


  • 9/6/2023

    Looking beyond the imperative of involving more Arab Americans in clinical trials, there’s more to be said about involving the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region in clinical research. Arab Board of Clinical Research Chair and President Hadi Danawi, Ph.D. explores the challenges to and benefits of conducting clinical trials in this underserved region.

  • Considerations For Engaging Arab Americans In Clinical Research

    The Arab American community has long been lumped into the category of white, despite having their own distinct differences in culture, language, religion, customs, and social norms. Given their uniqueness, recruiting and enrolling Arab Americans in clinical trials requires a culturally sensitive and tailored approach. Here's how to do it.

  • Where Are All The Arabs? And How A U.S. Census Change Could Improve Clinical Trial Diversity

    Did you know that Arabs are categorized as white in clinical research? The problem with that designation is multifaceted. Herein, Arab Board for Clinical Research Chair and President Hadi Danawi, Ph.D. why that designation is problematic for clinical research and how change at the U.S. Census Bureau can help.