• Combatting The Professional Patient Problem In Clinical Trials

    Clinical research patients are compensated for their participation in clinical trials. The compensation is based on the burden the trial imposes on the patient and is vetted through an institutional review board, so patients are not overly influenced by financial gain to enroll.

  • 5 Keys To Establishing Quality Partnerships Between Sponsors And CROs

    What is the cost of a failed partnership between a pharma company and its CROs?  Is it financial?  Research and development time? 

  • Tips For Improving Communication Between Sponsors And CROs

    Clinical research is incredibly complex, and most pharma/biotech companies outsource a lot of the trial oversight responsibilities to contract research organizations (CROs).  The increasingly level of complexity and global nature of clinical research has led to poor communication within pharma and between sponsors and their CROs.

  • Does The First-Patient-In Milestone Really Matter?

    Sorry, pharma executives. We have all been duped for years that the FPI milestone yields an increase in stock price and company value.

  • 5 Rules For Managing Relationships With Your CROs And Other Vendors In Clinical Trials

    Clinical research is becoming more and more complex due to many factors, including increased regulations, competition for patients, and cost of conducting clinical trials.  Most of the smaller pharmaceutical and biotech companies (sponsors) do not have the workforce to provide proper oversight of a clinical trial.  This forces companies to outsource much, if not all, of the trial oversight to contract research organizations (CROs) and service providers (vendors). 


John Carlos Diaz

John Carlos Diaz has been in the pharmaceutical industry for 18 years, with ranging operational experiences from preclinical drug metabolism and pharmacokinetics (DPMK), clinical pharmacology/Phase 1, adult/pediatric, global Phase 2–4, and investigator-initiated trials. Currently, John and GeoSera are using their experienced clinical research network to benefit sponsor companies, clinical research sites, clinical trial service providers, and CROs. You can reach him at or 484-568-3952.