• Outsourcers Are Feeling Uneasy About Continuity of Supply

    Find out how COVID-19 complications have picked up from the first year, with more outsourcers experiencing bigger obstacles when it comes to manufacturing, specifically with drug product.

  • What's Happening In Cell & Gene Therapy Development?

    This ISR report provides support and direction for innovative companies looking to outsource aspects of their cell and gene therapy manufacturing and development through shared research highlights.

  • The Importance Of Reevaluating The Preferred Vendor List

    Biopharmaceutical companies with preferred provider lists should have an internal system to gather feedback throughout the course of the project and after its completion. However, internal feedback should not be the only basis for evaluation of companies on the preferred vendor list. 

  • A Combination of Functional And Full-Service CROs Supports Strategic Outsourcing

    Outsourcing has become part of the strategy of just about every business in the drug development industry. Subcontracting various procedures along the stages of development to outside firms adds value to the process by reducing fixed costs, shortening timelines, and offering access to external expertise.

  • The Continued Evolution Of The Sponsor-CRO Relationship

    Not long ago, the dynamic between the sponsor and the CRO was purely that of a client/vendor. Contract research organizations were engaged to reduce fixed labor costs on the sponsor side for work that varied in demand.

  • The Top CROs By Therapeutic Indication Share Strong Regulatory And Productivity Performance

    A recent market research study revealed that 59 percent of sponsors place therapeutic experiences as the top attribute that influences CRO selection.  Nice Insight’s outsourcing survey indicated the most popular therapeutic areas of focus for outsourced projects were cardiovascular disease, oncology, and infectious disease.

  • Decision-making Responsibilities When Outsourcing Late-Phase Studies

    A look at which departments at sponsor organizations are involved in the decision-making process and how much decision-making responsibility each department has for outsourcing various late-phase study activities.

  • How Will mHealth Benefit Clinical Trials?

    In the past 50 years, since the onset of the digital age, the world has been transformed by technology. In the last decade, see how technology has disrupted the way we shop, communicate, and get from point A to point B.

  • Can Integrated Service Providers Help Simplify Complex Clinical Trial Logistics?

    Various factors are causing the distribution of clinical trial materials to become more complex, and sponsors looking to engage a third-party logistics provider have multiple options, each with benefits and drawbacks. Data from Industry Standard Research’s Clinical Logistics Market Dynamics and Service Provider Benchmarking report will educate readers about current usage patterns and preferences for outsourced clinical logistics providers as well as what the future may bring.


Kate Hammeke

Kate has 15+ years of experience collecting, organizing and analyzing complex data. Her specialties include: Research Strategy and Design, Qualitative/Quantitative, Strategic Partnering, Pharmaceuticals, Technical Writing, and Actionable Insights. She has developed and coordinated custom research projects for more than 30 major brands in the Fortune 500. Based on her industry knowledge, Kate has written dozens of articles related to pharmaceutical outsourcing for multiple industry magazines.