• Take A Page From Amazon’s Playbook To Transform Clinical Trials

    Since my first Amazon article, readers contacted me about Amazon-like transformations in clinical research. I never expected clinical research trends to emulate Amazon’s playbook.

  • How Amazon Could Disrupt The CRO Model

    Based on Amazon's approach to building its business, it is logical to conclude that the online retailer would be an amazing CRO. Amazon’s competitive strategy is to aggressively discount prices to win market share. Plus, its customer obsession and disruptive innovation are second to none. Let’s imagine what an Amazon-run CRO would look like.

  • Could Amazon Revolutionize The Patient Experience In Clinical Trials?

    Wall Street is wondering what’s next on Amazon’s shopping list, and pharmaceuticals may be a leading contender. Here are four patient touch points where Amazon can leverage its existing capabilities in conducting clinical trials and pharmaceutical development.

  • 3 Hacks For High CRA Retention

    According to the 2016 California Workforce Trends in the Life Science Industry, there were 16,000 statewide life science job postings during the calendar year; 2,732 of those jobs related to clinical trials. In 2015, over 85 percent of life science positions required a minimum of a bachelor’s degree. Hiring managers expect the strong demand for talent to continue until 2018.


Kenneth Wu

Kenneth Wu has been consulting in clinical operations for biopharmaceutical and medical device sponsors for over a decade. His professional career advanced from clinical research associate (CRA) to clinical operations department head. He holds graduate degrees in physiology and business administration and is certified in both clinical and regulatory affairs.