• Can AI/ML Help Solve Underrepresentation In Clinical Trials?

    Too often, there is an underrepresentation of women in clinical trial subject populations, leading to erroneous data since women differ in presentation, clinical manifestations, and outcomes in comparison to men. This article shares tips for how to use AI for better representative trial outcomes, including using it in patient recruitment, trial design, patient monitoring, and postmarket surveillance.

  • The Current Landscape Of mRNA Vaccines In Clinical Research

    With the Pfizer-BioNTech and the Moderna vaccines, messenger RNA (mRNA) vaccines made global headlines in 2021 in the fight against COVID-19. This article shares how mRNA vaccines currently in clinical research and clinical trials may be soon used to fight HIV-1, herpes, cancer, and more.


Tim Sandle

Tim Sandle, Ph.D., is a pharmaceutical professional with wide experience in microbiology and quality assurance. He is the author of over 30 books relating to pharmaceuticals, healthcare, and life sciences, as well as over 170 peer-reviewed papers and some 500 technical articles. Sandle has presented at over 200 events and he currently works at Bio Products Laboratory Ltd. (BPL), and he is a visiting professor at the University of Manchester and University College London, as well as a consultant to the pharmaceutical industry. Visit his microbiology website at