Case Study

Accelerating Preclinical Studies With Project Tracking And Optimization Software

Source: Accelrys, Inc.

A large pharmaceutical company with globally distributed preclinical R&D operations including externalized services implemented an advanced assay/ study tracking and optimization system in conjunction with its enterprise electronic lab notebook.

The preclinical development stage of drug discovery is an iterative process of screening and testing Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs) to demonstrate that specific API formulations and dosages can be safely put into animals with desired therapeutic effects. Ever increasing complexity in the evaluation of multiple drug candidates using high-throughput, in vivo methods has increased the burden of managing the process efficiently. The situation is exacerbated by Pharma’s increased reliance on early selectivity DMPK-ADMET assessments and the growing need to coordinate complex preclinical studies across globally distributed project teams and external partners working in compound screening cascades, DMPK-ADMET, in vivo, analytics, biologics and small molecules research.

Organizations that effectively automate and manage this process, removing latent periods between cycles, can reduce cycle times, accelerate transfer between cycles and enhance cascade/capacity management—significantly improving efficiency, productivity and time to market.