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How you capture study data can make or break your organizational success, so why settle? Medrio’s EDC technology is intuitive, scalable, and proven across over 8,000 studies.

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Advance Your Study with Quality

Don’t risk slowing down study progress, or missing a crucial go-to-market window. Choose the EDC that puts you in control, meets the strictest of global data collection regulations, and is purpose-built to assure the integrity, security, and quality of study data.

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Medrio is very responsive. The teams are professional, but they still act like a partner, not as a vendor… I don’t even know how big the organization is because I’m lucky enough to get to speak to the same people over and over again.”

Melanie Marshall, Senior Manager of Data Operations, Oncobay

Build in Weeks, Not Months

Our quick builds and intuitive user interface introduce new efficiencies without compromising data quality. When your data capture strategy is built on the right technology foundation, anything is possible – including shorter timelines that allow you to scale up with ease.

  • Complete study builds in less than 3 weeks, compared to the industry average of 12 weeks
  • Make mid-study changes in as little as a day with no downtime
  • Build your own library of reusable study templates
  • Maintain real-time visibility into trial data

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Better Never Rests

We revolutionized the industry in 2015 by balancing sophisticated software with an intuitive, user-friendly interface. But we didn’t stop there – our team progressively advances our EDC software with direct customer input. Medrio delivered more than 70 product enhancements across 14 product releases in 2022, alone.

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I’m not a programmer, but after just a couple of hours of training [with Medrio EDC], I was able to start building. I very rarely have problems, even when making mid-study changes, and I think it is user-friendly for the end users as well. Plus, the customer service is top-notch.”

Courtnay Buonomo, Associate Director of Clinical Study Database Design, Heron Therapeutics

  • Build Autonomy: Shorten onboarding, reduce costs, and minimize delays when you take control of your EDC with an intuitive, point-and-click foundation.
  • Data Visibility: Make data accessible via web on any device, anywhere to approved individuals in real-time and improve decision-making.
  • Data Accuracy: Ensure the right data is captured with built-in edit checks and queries. Baked in quality assurance reduces validation costs and on-site monitoring.
  • eClinical Platform Integration: Improve visibility across study data by leveraging Medrio’s eClinical suite of eConsent, ePRO, and RTSM to seamlessly feed data into your EDC.

Take Charge of Your EDC

Medrio is an incredibly intuitive system to learn, especially compared to other traditional EDC systems. The workflow for building a clinical database is very efficient, with lots of more advanced features that can be leveraged as needed. Onboarding was smooth and easy, thanks to a series of helpful meetings and active followup by Medrio.”

Associate Director of Data Management, biotech

Discover the Next Generation of EDC

Implement cutting-edge flexibility without complexity at every stage of the development cycle. Through 20 years of continued innovation, our EDC has grown into a solution users can manage independently, so you can reduce costs, cut timelines, and respond quickly to change.

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